Skousen: Kristi Noem took too much credit for keeping South Dakota open, which she was against. SD legislature kept SD open


SD Gov. Kristi Noem was pro-lockdown — the truth

Did Gov. Kristi Noem Sell Out? – Dean Henderson in South Dakota — “They got to her”

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Transcribed from: Rense Radio, 7-14-21, Hour 1 – Joel Skousen – World Affairs Overview (subscription only)

One of the best governor’s during Covid is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, but Joel points out she” is pro-vaccine,” and:

“She took too much credit, unfortunately, for the only state in the union that didn’t shut down anything. She actually signed on to the bill to shut down the state, and it was vetoed by the legislature in South Dakota. Then she got on board, and decided to champion the thing.”

The establishment controls the press in perhaps every state, including South Dakota, Utah and Idaho. Joel continues:

The establishment is out to unelect her in the next election…. The establishment people control the news in both Utah and Idaho…. The globalists really pour a lot of money into Idaho and Utah to try to subvert conservative thought and attitudes.” [Alaska too, I would add – editor].

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