Skousen What is the Cause of the Claimed Delta Variant Surge?

World Affairs Brief, August 27, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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What is the Cause of the Claimed Delta Variant Surge?

Fauci infers that if everyone would just get vaccinated it will stop the virus from lingering on and on, but this is wrong on several counts:

1. Coronaviruses never go away. Once established they are always with us.
2. They continually mutate, and get weaker as they do—not stronger.
3. You can never create a vaccine against a virus—it is a moving target like the flu.

So, it is useless to promise that this Covid threat will end with everyone getting vaccinated—even if these mRNA vaccines worked, which they do not. In fact, it’s highly probable that the vaccines are causing the latest surge. Let me explain.

How can you be having a surge in the summer time when vitamin D3 levels are highest and colds and flu cases are normally down? Something else is going on.

First, the establishment is still publicizing the number of “cases”—a key part of this propaganda. Despite the CDC’s reported repudiation of the PCR test, labs are still using it. The CDC’s alternatives involve genome sequencing which can’t be done locally or fast. So the “increase in cases” is just as bogus as before.

Second, there is no test for the Delta variant, so that claim is just so much propaganda.

Third, both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed are coming down with Covid symptoms and/or spike protein adverse reactions which are all being labeled as Covid when hospitalized. That is because the vaccine is not effective and vaccinated people are experiencing a lot of “breakthrough cases,” besides shedding Covid contamination to others. Though the mainstream media and CDC lie constantly about how the “vast majority” of these cases occur in the unvaccinated, there are covid infections occurring in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed—but for different causes:

The unvaxxed who come down with the illness are those that have been in close proximity to recently vaccinated people which are shedding the spike proteins, which cause damage and illness. I’ve had numerous subscribers complain about getting sick after being in close quarters with newly vaccinated people.

The CDC for example counts people dying within 14 days of getting the shot as “Unvaccinated That’s done to distort the truth.

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