Steve Bannon denies there is a deep state: “I don’t think there’s a deep state. There’s nothing deep about it”

Bannon doesn’t understand the Satanic, Talmudic NWO, which drives the overthrow of Christianity to bring in the NWO; though, he does admit that Fauci is a Jesuit, which drives his willingness to lie for the sake of the ‘higher good,’ which is evil, not good, Satan’s agenda.

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“I don’t think there’s a deep state. It’s in your face. There’s nothing deep about it. It’s the administrative state. It’s the way they roll. It’s NIH; they got a way they roll, and nobody controls them. They got their own institutional logic. … They think they’re doing, it’s Fauci’s thing, what the Jesuit’s teach you for the higher good [Fauci is a Jesuit – ed.]. You can actually lie, because you know internally you’re really looking at things.” – Steve Bannon @ 48:15, from:

Timcast IRL video for subscribers only: Steve Bannon Member Podcast: Ivermectin, Bannon Says CCP Virus Is A Bioweapon, Tim Argues Voter Fraud And Whether Trump Won

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