[Anchorage] Medical theater: Doctors, nurses coordinated with liberal Assembly to intimidate community over vaccines

About 15 doctors, nurses, and medics showed up at the Anchorage Assembly meeting on Tuesday, fully outfitted in their white medical garb, looking like they came directly from their shifts at Providence Hospital to testify that the mayor of Anchorage must enact a mask mandate in the municipality’s buildings, and he must encourage people in Anchorage to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

They bunched together in groups, shoulder to shoulder, fully masked, and in scrubs and lab coats. There was no social distancing among them. Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar came down from the dais before the meeting and conferred with the union organizer who was with them.

It had all been coordinated in advance with the Anchorage Assembly leadership. Their major argument was that people will die if they don’t get vaccinated.

Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance gave the group 20 45 minutes to present, while the public only got three minutes apiece. The leftist of the Assembly, including LaFrance, Chris Constant, Dunbar, and Meg Zaletel, knew they were coming and made sure they were lined up in front of the microphone even before the meeting started.

STORY from Must Real Alaska

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