Skousen: Remdesivir – the drug the keeps on killing — “Don’t put your loved ones in the hospital if you want them to survive”

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Remdesivir: the drug the keeps on killing

While the FDA keeps up the pressure on pharmacies to not fulfill prescriptions for Ivermectin, the FDA approved Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid 19, and this drug, along with putting patients on ventilators is killing people. Here is the definitive video that is causing people to wake up about this dangerous drug (that Dr. Fauci lauded for supposedly saving people from ebola).

Dr. Bryan Ardis says Remdesivir is dangerous, and can’t believe that Remdesivir is the NIH-demanded protocol for Hospitals in America. In this widely circulated video, He asks,

Has anyone ever read the study Dr. Fauci sites as justifying Remdesiver? He quotes from the NIH link to the study. They gave Remdesivir to 4 regions in Africa with ebola, plus 3 other experimental drugs. Anthony Fauci said it was proven to be safe and effective against ebola, so now we’re going to use it against this “novel” corona virus too. He said, we’re going to mandate this one drug and you can’t use any other in the hospital setting.

So, what did the study actually say? -That within six months, the safety committee pulled Remdesivir because it killed more people than any of the other drugs—fully 54% of all people in the study!

Next Dr. Fauci quoted a study in 2020 by Gilead Sciences that makes Remdesivir. When used with 53 patients in a test with Covid 19. Within a mere 10 days, 23% had serious adverse events, multiple organ malfunction, septic shock, acute kidney damage, and hypotension. 8% of participants had to discontinue because of organ damage. Worse, the US hoarded all the doses of Remdesivir for use exclusively in the US during 2020, giving us the highest death rate from Covid in the Western world.

This is criminal, especially since Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been proven to be safe and therefore highly discouraged and non-approved. Don’t put your loved ones in the hospital if you want them to survive. And, as I’ve said for months, you have to get really healthy if you want to stay out of the medical system—not just walking healthy. If you have a good immune system and eat and exercise right, you will be resistant to Covid naturally. And, if you supplement with high doses of Vit C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc, you can beat Covid without much trouble.

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