Mattias Desmet: Mechanism of mass formation/hypnosis to produce totalitarianism — “If you believe human beings are a biological machine you don’t have to follow ethical principles… you end up in free floating anxiety”


Four Conditions Required to Create a Mass Formation Psychosis — state of mental intoxication

1) Lack of social bond — socially isolated people
2) Lack of sense making
3) Free-floating anxiety
4) Free-floating discontent

The media then provides the narrative that’s said to provide a solution to the anxiety.

Then people are willing to follow the strategy regardless of the cost. “Suddenly, life is all directed at battling the object of anxiety, establishing a new connection with other people.”

Mass formation is a sort of hypnosis.

“When people experience this mental intoxication, it doesn’t matter anymore if the narrative is correct or wrong, even blatantly wrong. What matters is that it leads up to this mental intoxication.”

It’s all about people not wanting to go back to this painful anxiety.

They aren’t able to feel empathy for the victims of the lockdowns.

They become radically intolerant to dissonant voices trying to wake them up, and radically tolerant of their leaders, who pronounce the narrative, no matter how much they lie and cheat, because the crowd believes they do it for their own sake.

Funding has an impact on researchers’ results.

The leaders are convinced that this ideology will bring people into an artificial paradise. So sacrificing part of the population to realize this paradise is justified.

52:20 “That’s something mentioned by Gustave Le Bon in the 19th century: The higher the degree of education the more susceptible to mass formation.”

55:25 “Even if we would succeed in waking up the masses now, they would fall prey to a different story in a few years, and they would be hypnotized again if we do not succeed in solving the real problem… Why did we as a society get in the state in which a large part of the population feels anxious, depressed, experiences a lack of sense, feels socially isolated?”

56:55 “If you believe that human beings are a biological machine, then by definition this implies that life is senseless. …life is meaningless, and that you don’t have to invest energy in meaningful, social relations — that you don’t have to follow real, ethical principles…, and you end up in free floating anxiety and so on.”

1:06:10 “I will refer again to Gustave Le Bon who observed already in the 19th century that the masses always have a preference for harsh and strict leaders who are cruel to their own people.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Prof. Mattias Desmet (English)

Aug 1, 2021

Mass psychology and the corona crisis. Dit is de originele video:…


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