Gov. Dunleavy says he stands by Zink who “saved thousands of Alaskans” — nominates her for an award

Dr. Anne Zink hasn’t mentioned vitamin D once; lies about Ivermectin and early treatment; won’t recommend the oxygen therapies that work; supports Remdesivir and ventilators.

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Gov. Dunleavy says he stands by Zink as attacks on Alaska’s chief medical officer escalate

January 21, 2022 by Nat Herz, Anchorage Daily News

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy says the state’s chief medical officer, Dr. Anne Zink, still has his confidence even as she’s become the focus of escalating attacks by the anti-vaccine movement and other critics of the governor’s pandemic response.

Wasilla GOP Rep. Christopher Kurka, who’s running for governor as a conservative alternative to Dunleavy, this week launched a “Fire Anne Zink” petition, saying he’s committed to removing her “on Day 1 of my administration.” …

“There is no reason for me to fire Dr. Zink. Dr. Zink has my confidence,” Dunleavy said. …

Dunleavy himself nominated Zink for a national award in November, saying she’s “worked tirelessly” during the pandemic and that her work has “saved thousands of Alaskans.”



Gov. Dunleavy nominated Dr. Anne Zink for AMA Outstanding Government Service award

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