“Anti-Fascist Blues” by Five Times August | Lyric Video 2022

Lots of truth here; so accurate!

Deep lyrics go by so fast. May help to slow it down to .75x speed; or an amazing read!

I put in quotes: ‘stop all the hate.’

– –

Everybody head down, pick yourself a pronoun
Join the resistance on government assistance
‘Stop all the hate’ as you advocate violence
Block and suppress anyone you want silenced
Take what you want ‘cause what you want is what you’re owed
Call everyone a fascist ’til they’re all controlled

Preach in the street for the communist party
Pro choice, no voice, never mind the heart beat
Dictate, race bait, agitate, mandate
Dress in drag and burn the flag then run to find a safe space
Tell us how you feel until we give you what you need
Call everyone oppressive ’til they’re on their knees

Impeach free speech, better dye your hair pink
TV, phone screen, it’s better if you don’t think
Debt to university, segregate diversity
Give yourself a ribbon every time you face adversity
Find another problem, tell yourself you’re not alone
Tell everyone who’s straight that they’re all transphobe

Defund police. No guns, oh please
Fight for your right to start a war until there’s no peace
Take it down, tear it up, it’s in the name of progress
Make the rule you never lose ’til everything is lawless
Tell me what to think, and how to feel, and where to go
‘Cause everyone’s a fascist ’til they’re all controlled

Find your path in life but make it socio or psycho
Nonsense, wokeness, you’re gonna lose your mind though
Bigotry, insanity, an ally, or an enemy
There’s too much masculinity so wave goodbye to family
Represent the one percent who want to overthrow
’Til everybody lives to an autonomous zone

Act tough, steel stuff, smash another window
Loot store, get more, grab another brick, throw
Women are the men now and the men are now the women
Make yourself a slave until you feel like you are free
Dig yourself a grave for The American Dream

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