Vitamin D loading dose then 10,000 iu/day | MDs incorrectly taught RDA is enough

They’re talking about taking vitamin D to solve cluster headaches, but this is a sensible dosage that could be used for Covid, other ills, and best health in general in low sunshine months, or year-round if never getting enough sun. Then, after about 30 days get your levels checked. Optimum for most people is 80-100 ng/ml in the 25-hydroxy D blood test.

“…take a loading dose, a total loading dose of 600,000 IU of vitamin D3, spread over anywhere from five days to 12 days and then I’m gonna drop back to 10,000 IU a day as a maintenance dose.”

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0:32:40.0 Pete: You bring up a very good point because every cluster headache sufferer, I strongly recommend you take the treatment protocol and go talk to your primary care physician, not your neurologist. They’re too busy and they’re too expensive. Go to your primary care doctor, GP, general purpose guy and give him a copy of it, but you’ll probably have to explain it to him because he won’t have time to read it. So just tell him, “I’m gonna take a loading dose, a total loading dose of 600,000 IU of vitamin D3, spread over anywhere from five days to 12 days and then I’m gonna drop back to 10,000 IU a day as a maintenance dose. I’m also gonna be taking a whole bunch of what we call vitamin D3 cofactors, magnesium, zinc, boron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K2, omega-3, vitamin C, all of those things.” So when you look at what the medical schools, who by the way are funded almost exclusively with grants from the National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma, neither of which wants you to take a lot of vitamins because then you get too healthy and you never come back to see them again. Remember, the average medical doctor goes to a medical school where the primary goal is to teach them, there’s a pill for every ill.

Now, if you happen to be lucky enough to go to an ND, not an MD, but a November Delta, that’s a doctor of nutritional medicine, they get the same four years, but when they walk out, they can hang up their shingle and start treating ’cause they’ve been treating people for the last three years of their medical school. They look under the sheets to find out what the underlying dietary problem is that’s causing this problem. They solve that first. Vitamins, minerals, diet, fluid intake, they look at everything. Lifestyle, get out and do some exercise. It’s not gonna kill you. So they do that first, where the MDs, no, they’ve been taught in a medical school, the only thing you can do about vitamins is you treat the RDA, required daily amount. Well, there’s a really neat guy, he’s since passed away, Linus Pauling and he says, “When you talk about the RDA, what is the RDA? That’s the amount of vitamins you need to take to stay alive.” But if you ask the question, How much can I take to be better, to be more healthy, well, there’s not a lot of literature on that when he did his presentation back in ’93, but there is today. We have a boatload of information on how to improve your health with vitamin D3 and the cofactors, there’s just an incredible amount of information. And by and large, they’re saying take 10, 20, 30 times the RDA.

1:17:16.6 Pete: COVID-19 infections are more severe for people with 25-OH less than 30, down around 25 to 20, it even gets worse. You’re gonna stay in the hospital. You get below 10, you’re gonna have a hard time staying out of the grave. Bad, bad news. You wanna stay above 50, that’s gonna require, if everything was working for you, a minimum, an absolute minimum of 5000 IU a day and that’s after a loading cycle of at least 500,000 IU.

1:22:19.9 Pete: Yeah, 1000 IUs a day is gonna prevent scurvy, but that’s about it. It’s gonna keep you alive, scurvy will kill you.

1:33:55.8 Pete: Non-responders typically means they’re still having cluster headaches, they haven’t responded with a cessation of cluster headaches or a decrease in the frequency of cluster headaches. That’s one problem. The other problem which can be related is my 25-OH is not responding, is I’m not giving the increase in 25-OH commensurate with the loading dose that I’ve been taking, or the maintenance dose I’ve been taking of Vitamin D3. So you kinda have to look at them separately, but also combined because they do interact with each other. So the first thing to do is you wanna get your 25-OH up, go to a larger loading dose, go to the nanoemulsion and that you’ll start driving it up, I guarantee you it’ll drive up. If 140,000 IU doesn’t do it, try 190,000 and if that doesn’t work, try 240,000. People have taken much, much larger loading doses than that. You just don’t wanna be taking it for too long a period of time without having a lab test to verify your calcium is still normal and your PTH hasn’t gone down through the floor.

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