Jeff Nyquist: After WWIII, Russia gets Alaska, China gets lower-48

Nyquist lives in Michigan.

Russia and China’s goal is to destroy the US, after which all countries will be controlled by them.

Russia’s strategy of feigning collapse, and the USA building up China.

Russia and China to be one clenched fist.

George Soros is a laundromat for Communist money to subvert the west.

NATO may split. Europe may align with more powerful Russia and China, leaving the US.

43:10 Following WWIII, Russia gets Alaska and parts of Canada. China gets the lower-48.

50 We have 50 ABM launchers in Alaska and 14 in California which can’t stop any Russian or Chinese missile; though, maybe lower tech North Korea’s.

The COVID Narrative Is Dead—Is WW3 Next?

Feb 1, 2022

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