Outstanding vax truth from Drs. Ryan Cole and Richard Urso before Tennessee House Health Subcommittee!

Dr. Ryan Cole & Dr. Richard Urso Testify Before Tennessee House Health Subcommittee

The raw truth about Covid “vaccines” clearly explained!

Vitamin D truth at minute-40!

“I tell people the most important thing you can do is have a normal vitamin D level — like a conductor of a symphony that brings in the sections of your immune system at the right times and fades them out as they need to, but if your vitamin D level is low then your immune system is like a mosh pit at a punk rock concert.” – Dr. Ryan Cole

Then Dr. Urso tells why Fauci doesn’t tell us about vitamin D:

“Part of the issue dealing with Washington; I’ve been going there since June, 2020. The political people are running a lot of the agencies, and the agencies are actually getting much of their funding from Big Pharma for the most part. … If they put out information that vitamin D helps prevent cancers, the person who runs that has told me that basically they have to eliminate that information. The drug companies don’t want that out there.”

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Dr. Ryan Cole & Dr. Richard Urso Testify Before Tennessee House Health Subcommittee

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1st March, 2022 – Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso testify before Tennessee House Health Subcommittee in response to House Bill 1871.

House Bill 1871 is introduced as follows :
“Public Health – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 7; Title 8; Title 14; Title 50; Title 63 and Title 68. As introduced, prohibits governmental entities, local education agencies, schools, and private businesses from adopting or enforcing laws, rules, or practices that fail to recognize natural immunity as providing a level of immune protection that is at least as protective as a COVID-19 vaccine or treat individuals with natural immunity differently than individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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