Foreign Policy Expert Jeff Nyquist Warns: Do Not Fall For Russian Propaganda

March 24, 2022


Key Points — Jeff Nyquist:

Russia’s invasion excuse not valid:

But what’s really interesting is that the big Casus Belli that the strategy people are talking about is that, oh, Ukraine was going to become NATO, and that would have really threatened Russia. Well, Ukraine entering the EU or NATO, they’re not even qualified. And that’s not on the table. Now, that would be years away, even if it were possible to happen. And I think that the Russians had plenty of chance to diplomatically deal with this in the future. But for them to be going in and invading the whole of Ukraine now, and to be knocking down cities and using such indiscriminate violence that this is active military aggression. It’s against international law. They’re threatening us with nuclear war. How are the Ukrainian people to blame?

Truth about Putin — “know who your enemies are”:

So you can’t be adopting the propaganda of a country run by run by a ruthless dictator who wants to bring the Soviet Union back. You can’t, and he’s aligned with China which also hates our guts, who are also working against us. The first rule in politics is to know who your friends are and know who your enemies are. It’s the first rule, and you’re sunk if you can’t do that.

Dumitru Duduman prophesied we’ll also be attacked from the south. US hasn’t been preparing:

So you get this hysteria, and you end up in a war. And by the way, really dumb a war that we probably are going to lose because we haven’t been preparing. And the Russians and their allies, the Chinese and the Iranians and the Cubans and the Venezuelans, all the rest of those little communist countries have been preparing. …

China has a bigger Navy than we do now. You know, let alone the Russian Navy and then the nuclear and hypersonic missile area, our nuclear arsenal is rotted away. It’s literally we’ve left it to rot. We’re not going to have a new nuclear weapon until 2029. Well, I think that’s a little bit too late.

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