Dan Fagan: Loving our enemies, Chris Constant, etc. — No Hate

I transcribed some of what Dan Fagan said on his June 13th show (audio below).

Dan was going through Alaska’s election results for Congress, and came across Christopher Constant’s few percent. Dan explains the proper response.

“Now Christopher Constant. … I know it’s easy to hate the left. … They make our lives harder when they get into power. [He mentioned grocery store prices now.] So it’s easy to say ‘I hate these people….’ But we have to really guard our hearts.

If there’s anyone who makes it hard not to hate him it’s Christopher Constant. He’s very self righteous, very smug. He’s highly judgmental, over controlling, micromanager; obviously hates conservatives. You watch him operate, and it’s so hard not to hate him. But we can’t hate. It’s never healthy to hate. … I wish them nothing but the best.”

Dan tells of having lunch with a leftist woman who was taking pleasure that John Ashcroft was going to suffer an excruciating painful surgery, because Ashcroft is openly a Christian. Dan said “that so jolted me. … That’s the left’s game. We can’t play that game. We can’t be happy when other people….”

Then Dan mentions the Anchorage Daily News whose purpose is to attack conservative politicians, causing great harm to our state. Dan says: “I don’t want Ryan Binkly [the owner] to suffer financial hardship, but I do want his paper to end because it does great harm to the state of Alaska — GREAT harm! It’s the leading voice for Marxism in the state of Alaska. It coddles the Christopher Constant. It covers for the Forest Dunbars. There is no force in the state that does more to fight freedom than the Anchorage Daily News.

“So there’s got to be a line there where we make the distinction between hating people and hating actions.”

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to Christopher Constant. I don’t. I would love it if he lost his next election, because he’s a tyrant, and he wants to take people’s freedoms away. And he’s destroying businesses, and he’s making Anchorage a less livable place.

So the bottom line here is you don’t hate the person. You hate the action; you hate the effort. And you pull against the action; you pull against the effort. You don’t pull against the person personally. To me, that’s the distinction.”

Start at 48:45

Dan Fagan Show/Monday 6/13/2022