Skousen: “Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a long time friend, has fallen into this camp of naively taking Russia’s side in this war”

World Affairs Brief, September 16, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Ukraine Takes the Offensive, but Can it Win the War?


Even conservatives who should know better are making the mistake of seeing Russia as the victim of Western aggression. They are sincere in being anti-globalists, but they make the mistake of thinking that as in the phony war on terror, anyone the globalists and neocons attack must be good guys. No one is a good guy in world affairs anymore, especially Russia and China.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a long time friend, has fallen into this camp of naively taking Russia’s side in this war. In this week’s missive, he wrote,

The U.S. started this war back in 2014. NATO and Ukraine are not fighting a defensive war—Russia is. It is the nation suffering from the wounds inflicted upon it by the United States and NATO. It is the wounded bear.

No, the US certainly did not start this war. He even gets my World Affairs Brief, so he either doesn’t read it or doesn’t believe the crucial information I provided that proves the “Maidan Coup” of 2014 in Ukraine was in fact a Russian coup, not a Western coup. Sure, the West provided support for the pro-democracy protests against Ukraine’s communist, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich—as they should. But they could NOT have appeared to win had not the Berkut (the Riot Police) been ordered to stand down and stay in their barracks on that Friday in February, 2014 when the protestors appear to “win.” Only the communist president could have ordered the Berkut to stand down. The West certainly could not.

To make the effect look grand Yanukovich even stood down the guards at the presidential palace and let the protestors have the run of it. The next day the Ukrainian Parliament, the Rada, with a communist-affiliated coalition in the majority ousted their own president. How believable is that? And he then supposedly “fled” “fearing for his life.” But the protestors were not armed and never were attempting to find him.

This was a phony coup to pave the way for a new president—Pietro Poroshenko: falsely claiming to be pro-Western who would then antagonize the Russian speaking majority in Donbass and justify Russia intervention to “liberate” Crimea and the Donbass. This was all a setup, just the like phony fall of the Soviet Union, as I have long documented in the briefs.

Further, if Pastor Baldwin thinks V. Putin is a Christian, he’s naive and mistaken in that too. The Communist Party controlled the Orthodox Church during Soviet times, and Putin has continued that support for the Orthodox Church while persecuting other evangelical sects. A real Christian would be tolerant of other Christian denominations. And real Christians don’t annihilate whole cities when you try and “liberate” a country, as Putin has. Besides, no one gets to be a Colonel in the Communist-controlled KGB as a Christian.

Sure, the globalists made phony promises to the Soviets during the phony fall about not expanding NATO. They didn’t have to do that. If the Soviets were really collapsing they were in no position to get any concessions. They made those paper promises even though they had no intention of keeping them to provide future provocation for Putin, knowing that the “fall” was false and that Putin would eventually start to retake the former Soviet States, beginning with Ukraine. That was the real reason for cobbling together disparate Russian speaking peoples inside Ukraine, and the Baltic States, to give Russia the excuse to someday come back in and “liberate” them.

My message to conservatives is get educated into what really happened in these phony revolutions and stop falling for bad analysis that makes Russia look good. The evil globalists have always made excuses for and given aid and trade to Russia and China in the process of building future enemies for WWIII—which they need to drive Americans into a militarized global government someday.

But as I long predicted, when war is getting close, they will start warning of and attacking Russia and China verbally, so they won’t get blamed for having built these two powerful enemies. That’s where they are now, especially with Russia.

Russia is no longer a top tier conventional military power, but it has the most numerous and lethal arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world—by far. Allied with China with its massive conventional military (and who knows how many nukes) together they constitute the real future threat. Don’t forget that amid the fog of some conservative’s sincere but muddled thinking.