Skousen: Vote Fraud Again a Deciding Factor in 2022

World Affairs Brief, November 11, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Blaming Trump for the Failure of a “Red Wave” Midterm Election

The mainstream media talking heads and Democrat partisans were jubilant that the predicted “red wave” of anti-Biden backlash didn’t seem to materialize in Tuesday’s midterm elections, except in Florida. By Wednesday the political analysis had changed from “Democrats doing better than expected” to “Conservatives are starting to blame Donald Trump after the Republican “red wave” failure.” Following that there was positive talk by mainstream and establishment pundits for Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida being the only Republican politician they eagerly view as capable of denying Trump the GOP nomination in 2024. Leave it to the mainstream media to spin what should have been a political disaster into an anti-Trump victory. But Trump was hardly responsible for the surprisingly poor results for key Republicans. Completely missing in the mainstream news analysis is any hint that election computer and ballot fraud is still with us, and although the outward results paint the same picture, the evidence of vote tampering is more carefully hidden than last time. The 2020 election was indeed stolen from Donald Trump, but his attorneys failed to use the best evidence of both computer vote flipping, disappearing Trump votes, and massive illegal ballot drops that I presented in my election coverage in the WAB. This legal failure by the Trump team to document the crime provided the mainstream media the easy excuse to label anyone believing in election fraud as an “election denier.” This week I will cover the various factors, including vote fraud, that led to this second election fiasco in a row.

Not all voting results are completely skewed and some good candidates made it through the gauntlet. Let’s first review the good results:

Florida: Governor Ron DeSantis pulled out a landslide 19 point victory over the closet-gay candidate Charlie Crist who has now lost for the third time. Sen. Marco Rubio, a mainstream Republican, also came out with a large 17 point victory. In all, there were 20 new Republicans elected to the US House as opposed to 8 Democrats.

Governorships: Republicans won a total of 16 governorships, including Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Kristi Noem of South Dakota, two standouts who fought against the Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates. New Hampshire Governor Sununu won an unprecedented 4th term. But some who won are RINO Republicans like Brian Kemp of Georgia and Brian Little of Idaho. Gov. Brian Kemp beat radical Democrat Stacey Abrams but he betrayed the election that Trump won in Georgia, so Kemp is no win for conservatives. Governor Greg Abbott won in Texas besting radical anti-gunner Beto O’Roarke, but Abbott is a compromising Republican at heart and has only taken tough stances recently to bolster his image. Most Republican governors are mainstream supporters of the establishment.

In Utah Senator Mike Lee came out much farther ahead of the pro-Biden, so-called “independent” candidate, Evan McMullin, compared to what liberal Utah polling was saying. This is unsurprising, since polls usually show a favoritism for the left that is usually revealed as unjustified by the final vote tally. The Left/liberal establishment from out of state poured millions into McMullin’s candidacy, knowing that no Democrat could get elected in Utah, so McMullin was falsely depicted as a “non-woke” independent patriot with no intentions of caucusing with either party. But it was a lie that was, fortunately, made transparent late in the race by several well-placed ads in Lee’s favor.

Other Results, Mostly Bad

In Pennsylvania Dr. Mehmet Oz (a RINO Republican) lost to Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (who has been debilitated by stroke), despite the latter being roundly panned for his poor debate performance. I highly suspect fraud here in PA since many independent voters vowed to vote against Fetterman due to his confused debate performance. Also in the state, GOP Pro-Trump gubernatorial contender Doug Mastriano was defeated by state Attorney General Josh Shapiro by over 13 points. All of this added to the media’s delight in saying that a Trump endorsement was the kiss of death, politically.

Colorado: Anti-Trump, RINO Republican Joe O’Dea lost to Democrat Michael Bennett.

New Hampshire: Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan defeated Republican General Don Bolduc, a good conservative and Trump Republican.

Georgia Senate: Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock, who won last time through Georgia vote fraud in a runoff election got another mystery ballot drop to boost him ahead of flawed Republican candidate Herschel Walker. That means the result will be delayed until next month with a yet another runoff election. Just like last time, I expect the Democrat to win by fraud.

Michigan Governor: A very good conservative, Tudor Dixon, lost to radical Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer, who presided over some of the worst Covid emergency orders of any state and who defied a court order declaring her emergency powers unconstitutional.

New York: Independent candidate Diane Sare, who was challenging Sen. Chuck Schumer, noticed she lost over 20,000 votes between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. That’s what happens with computer vote manipulation, as I will explain shortly.

Minnesota: The first transgender lawmaker was elected to the Minnesota House on Tuesday night after Leigh Finke (D) won the MN Twin Cities district 66A seat.

Abortion: Three states put abortion “rights” into their constitution so it would be immune from state legislatures banning this practice: Vermont, Michigan, and California. CA also banned Sports gambling, demonstrating that population’s skewed priorities.

The Delayed and Undecided

Alaska: As of Wednesday morning, conservative challenger Kelly Tshibaka (R) held a narrow lead over incumbent RINO Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). But Tshibaka’s 44% was not enough to win an outright majority in the four-candidate race, given Alaska’s system of lumping all the top 3 choices together and forcing a recount. If Murkowski wins enough second-choice votes — including from the 9.5% of voters who chose the lone Democrat in the race — then she will win and retain her Senate seat. -Another likely win for the other side.

Arizona: Charismatic Republican Kari Lake’s bid to become governor of Arizona and undo all the built-in election fraud in that state is herself probably going to lose because of fraud. Ironically, she’s running against the same Secretary of State that oversaw the election fraud in 2020—Katie Hobbs. But, as I pointed out in prior WAB, Lake talks up all the right conservative and moral issues, but her former Democrat past and close association with Arizona’s top drag queen leads some to suspect she’s not as conservative as she claims to be.

The Senate will likely fall into complete Democrat control because of the vote fraud in Arizona, denying conservative Blake Masters a seat in the US Senate. Adam Laxalt in Nevada will probably win over his Latino woman opponent, Cortez Masto, but it won’t make up for the deficit of losing AZ and GA to fraud.

If Republicans take back control of the House, it will be by a slim margin, which means the many RINO Republicans who vote with Democrats in the House can easily thwart any strong conservative attempts to undo the damage of the Biden agenda. But it also means that the real conservatives in the House, the Freedom Caucus, will have more leverage than before, as NBC News worries. Kevin McCarthy hopes to become speaker, but he’s a dangerous compromiser.

In 2015, bomb-throwers [a pejorative by NBC] in the House Freedom Caucus derailed Kevin McCarthy’s quest to become speaker. Seven years later, members of the ultraconservative, Trump-aligned group are once again causing major headaches for McCarthy as the California Republican makes another run for the top job. Republicans would have a razor-thin majority should they win.

McCarthy has spent years trying to position himself to be the next Republican House speaker. The job holds tremendous power, including the ability to control legislation on the floor and influence the makeup of committees.

Because the majority could be so thin, McCarthy will need the support of nearly every Republican. That has given the Freedom Caucus enormous leverage.

So far, no one has stepped forward to challenge McCarthy. He shouldn’t have a problem winning a simple majority of Republicans at a closed-door meeting of his members on Tuesday. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed McCarthy for speaker [a mistake], as have other potential rivals and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a Freedom Caucus leader.

But a small handful of Republicans could keep McCarthy from winning the speaker’s gavel during the public vote on Jan. 3, the first day of the new Congress. He needs 218 Republican votes on the House floor — Democrats won’t help — meaning it’s possible fewer than a dozen conservatives could derail McCarthy’s chances and throw the process into certain chaos.

“No one currently has 218” votes, said Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, as he emerged from a private Freedom Caucus meeting near the Capitol where members were discussing their strategy.

Despite the overall disappointing results, there is no denying that a big red wave existed. Dissatisfaction with Biden is still obvious with his approval ratings down in the low 30s. It will get even lower now that Republican efforts to stop the Democrat’s radical agenda will be blunted once Democrats control the Senate and Biden’s veto. And believe me when I say radical agenda: Biden and his crony are getting ready to ban assault weapons, confirm radical judges, pass a national law protection abortion, and dozens of other draconian economic bills aimed at demonizing carbon, non-electric cars, oil and gas, and coal.

Already, at a NY rally Biden let slip that he was going to ban all drilling for oil, despite blaming oil companies for not drilling enough just last Wednesday—blatant hypocrisy! His yes-girl White House spokeswoman said he was misunderstood, but look at what he actually said, according to

A young woman standing front and center held up a sign protesting Biden for allowing drilling on federal lands. Biden responded, “No more drilling. There is no more drilling,” as he finished up speaking at a rally at Sarah Lawrence College in New York for Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY). “I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

The activist responded to Biden by noting there is still offshore drilling in the Antarctic and off of the Gulf of Mexico. “That was before I was president,” Biden said. “We’re trying to work on that — get that done.”

All this talk about banning oil, gas and coal will turn out to threaten our very transportation and energy existence as war approaches, preceded by an EMP strike. When the grid goes down for a year, those with electric cars are going to be dead in the water. And, the trouble with all this futurist talk about an all-electric world is that oil companies are not investing in new refineries. When we once again wake up to our complete dependence on carbon-based energy (having eschewed nuclear) we’re going to see massive shortages. People who doggedly stuck with the Democrats in the Midterms will truly regret their shortsightedness.

As Left/liberal pundits tried to explain on Tuesday evening why so many races turned out unexpectedly blue, some tried to say that many Democrats refused to vote Republican even when dissatisfied with Biden because there is a decided resistance for long-term Democrats to switch parties even when their own party’s policies are a disaster. They say this because of their ideological commitment to the false notion that “we are the party of mercy and giving” (with other people’s money). It’s true there is a deep ideological divide between the basic tenets of Democrats and Republicans (though in practice Republican leaders tend to compromise with the Left quite frequently to move legislation along).

But, that shouldn’t be true of independents who are dissatisfied with both parties. But the mere fact that they aren’t on the ideological Right indicates that they still hold on to Left/liberal or labor union notions of benefits, and thus are still resistant to voting for a true conservative Republican.

That is one explanation for the mismatch between the high dissatisfaction of Democrat and Independent voters with Left/liberal policies and their unwillingness to switch votes. But, I don’t believe for a minute that it is enough to explain what happened on Tuesday.

The only silver lining the Epoch Times could draw from the lackluster GOP performance was that the margin of loss was getting smaller between 2016 and 2020—hardly encouraging given the stakes.

With all the documentation of computer and mail-in ballot vote fraud that has been documented since November 2020, why would the Democrats give up all that illicit power and play it straight when they were facing a broad-based defeat?

They wouldn’t and they didn’t. But, they did try to be much more subtle and secret about it this time around knowing how close they came to having the truth about fraud revealed last election. They couldn’t afford to have such a massive overwhelming Democrat victory that would be impossible to explain. So, I believe they carefully watched each crucial race and added just enough ballots and flipped just enough computer votes to accomplish their purpose.

It also helped for the mainstream media to tamp down hard on the notion of vote fraud in election in both bureaucratic local announcements and in the cable news media. I got weary of hearing election officials in Democratic strongholds bragging about how secure the election was. It wasn’t and they knew they were lying.

One of the first big hints I saw of this manipulation was the universal notion presented by media pundits that “Democrats were doing better and conservatives were doing worse than pre-election polling suggested.” That’s never been historically true except in the 2020 election which was stolen. Pollsters are almost all on the Leftist side and constantly skew polling results in favor of Democrats prior to the election in order to sway votes.

When the votes come in (absent fraud) conservatives in the past have fared better than Democrats despite the polls. That’s why exit polling which tallies the votes of nearly all voters leaving the polls was always more accurate than telephone polling and known to show a stronger conservative vote than polls predicted.

That’s why in 2016 and the big steal of 2020, exit polling was highly discouraged because it tended to limit how much fraud they could do without it showing up in the wide disparity with exit polls. It was banned in 2020 due to the exaggerated lockdowns of Covid.

In 2016 there was the normal amount of election fraud by Democrats, and Hillary thought it was going to be enough—that’s why she assumed she would be victorious. But it wasn’t. The big red wave of Trump support overwhelmed the approx 10% level of fraud. But normal fraud did account for Hillary’s nominal superior numbers in total votes. She lost in electoral votes.

In this year’s midterms we also saw batches of Democrat ballots that were illegally inserted into the count, as in 2020, but only in sufficient quantities to skew the results enough to win, and only in certain crucial races to gain the desired result. Here are some of the results Mike Lindell’s team found that illustrate ballot drops (you have to click on the links to see the graphs):

[The] Same “Biden Bump” phenomenon seen during 2020 election appears to have been observed Tuesday night. Many aspects of the 2022 midterms Tuesday night appeared to be a replay of the suspicious activity seen during the 2020 presidential election.

During the 2020 race, Dems blamed Donald Trump’s loss on a “red mirage” that showed him in the lead on election night, however in the following days he was overtaken by Joe Biden as Dems received massive overnight ballot dumps they claimed came from mail-in voting, as they also miraculously found thousands of Democrat votes.

They cite as an example a graph by Gary Bernstein on Twitter that showed that,

Michigan got a 5% ballot drop that were ~all-Biden, ~0 for trump. The votes below were all added suddenly at 6am creating that 1 very odd bump. It smacks of “finding” the exact number of votes needed to win, after the real results came in

Lindell highlighted bizarre anomalies in multiple races, blaming the losses Republicans sustained on electronic voting machines that can be easily manipulated. But the example he cites could either have been illicit ballot drops or computer manipulation.

“They went for the complete steal!” Lindell remarked on Truth Social, referring to a Midterm results graph showing suspicious activity in the Minnesota governor’s race between Tim Walz (D) and Scott Jensen ®. Minnesota was stolen from Scott Jenson by one big boost at the beginning at 22:10 PM. See it here. The rest of the evening, both partiers were getting equal bumps.

Discussing the Illinois Senate race pitting incumbent Tammy Duckworth (D) against Republican challenger Kathy Salvi, Lindell noted a bizarre “million vote spike,” which he attributed to “corrupt electronic voting machines.” See it here.

The “Biden Bump” also appeared to emerge in the Michigan House race between Elissa Slotkin (D) and Tom Barrett (R), where the candidates were neck and neck until a post-midnight bump in votes in favor of the Democrat candidate.

“Another race being stolen in the middle of the night,” Lindell commented in reference to a graph showing a dubious late-night/early morning vote spike in the Michigan attorney general race which favored of Democrat Dana Nessel over Republican candidate Matthew de Perno.

Early in the night, Lindell also noticed a strange trend in the Georgia Senate race, where Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock suddenly accumulated a massive lead over Republican challenger Herschel Walker. “They are currently stealing Herschel Walker’s race with the machines!” Lindell again declared.

With numerous reports of voting machine glitches and malfunctions on top of ballot issues across the country, Lindell’s observance of the mysterious bumps in votes – all in favor of the Democrat Party – may require a more thorough investigation.

What this tells us is that someone is watching the results, holding a batch of Dem ballots in reserve and then injecting them to skew the final tally. Sometimes they do this early, sometimes later in the tally.

This is easy to do in Georgia where Democrats control and staff the major ballot counting centers. As I covered in the WAB in the 2020 election, both Georgia and Arizona were notorious for vote fraud by inserting falsified ballots:

There were 35,000 illegal ballots found in Georgia, and over 100K obsolete voter registrations found, plus those of dead people, deleted after the election.” In Arizona, the audit there found 74,000 ballots returned and counted in the 2020 Election had no record of being sent out!

The suspicious vote tabulator machines in Maricopa County, AZ (the 3rd largest county in the US by population) allowed for illegal ballot drops to be inserted later. The machines would reject a high percentage of ballots by citizens voting in-person at polling stations, and they were then instructed to put their uncounted ballot into a drop box to be counted later, adding to the huge delays always experienced in Arizona.

Over 600K ballots have yet to be counted in AZ delaying that crucial election decisions for days. Why can’t states be like Florida which processed 11M ballots by starting 22 days earlier as soon as mail in ballots came in, with no glitches? In 2020, it was during the wee hours of the morning when voting counting was claimed to have shut down for the night that thousands of Biden ballots were brought in and counted.

Republican candidate for Governor, Kari Lake complained loudly about voting machine breakdowns and subsequent shenanigans by election officials instructing voters to place their ballots in specific boxes to be taken to another location.

“Two minutes into voting, we had people being told, ‘well, you’re gonna have to put your little ballot over here into another box guys,’” Lake told her supporters late Tuesday. “We will declare victory, and we will get to work turning this around. No more incompetency and no more corruption in Arizona elections.” said,

Bill Gates, Chairman of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors said, “In about 20 percent of vote centers… when people will go, and they try and run the ballot through this tabulator, maybe one out of every five or so of those ballots they’re not going through.”

Breitbart added,

The poll worker said: “So what happens; we have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working, okay. The other tabulator is taking about 75 percent successful, so 25 percent of them are being misread, and it could be a printer issue, or it could be the tabulator itself. So when it’s misread, you have an option to put it into what’s called “Box Three” and it gets read. Whether it goes downtown and gets read manually or whether it gets refed into our tabulators, it will get read. No one’s trying to deceive anyone.

However, Dr. Kelli Ward, the Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman, urged voters not to place their ballots in the third box for tabulation, asserting that Maricopa County “will NOT be tabulating ballots downtown today.”

She emphasized that once “you’ve signed in at a polling location, you cannot spoil your ballot and go somewhere else.” If you have already “checked in” at a Maricopa County voting location where the tabulators do not work, you should not leave and go to another location without casting a vote. Your provisional ballot at the new location likely will not count.

You can see how all this is frustrating and irritating to voters in Arizona. The poll worker’s statement may be sincere about no deception intended, but anytime ballots get shifted around to different places for counting there is the opportunity to insert false ballots as happened in Georgia.

Ironically, former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (who is running for governor) was in charge of the election machinery in AZ during the 2020 steal. She stonewalled and resisted subpoenas to allow AZ Senate investigators access to the actual voting machines. Neither would she give access to routers, chain of custody records or ballot images. What was she hiding? The Senate had to do a third recount because of all the irregularities found earlier that need more confirmation. But when you re-count altered computer data, it’s always going to show the same false result. ZeroHedge published a summary of the audit irregularities in 2020 in AZ, which are dramatic in scope, but didn’t determine what ballots were altered in favor of Biden.

-74k more ballots received than requested by voters.

-10k additional voters added to the voting rolls AFTER election day.

-The election server was hacked during the election.

-Remote access to the election server was available at all times during voting.

-All logs about who accessed the server were wiped in March, 2021, prior to audit.

-Original and duplicate ballots were not marked and cannot be verified.

-The number of votes certified does not match the number of ballots sent in for audit.

These are the kinds of statistics that were brought to judges who dismissed them saying there’s no evidence those numbers would have changed the outcome of the election. Well, I have long presented facts that do provide the numbers, but the Trump team never got those numbers because Trump’s legal team was sabotaged by his deep state attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Computer Vote Fraud

The fact that anyone with the proper log in codes (which are numerous) could have had remote access to Arizona’s tabulation computers is evidence that the Arizona system was wide open for computer fraud. The fact that the logs of who accessed the tabulation server during and after the election were wiped clean is further evidence that officials were trying to hide the evidence of computer tampering.

A computer expert was hired to alter election results and show how the program to do so could then command itself to self erase without a trace. “Clint” Curtis is an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and ExxonMobil. See his testimony here.

Curtis testified under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary claiming that he was hired by authorities to help rig the outcome of U.S. elections. Curtis told the court in 2000 that he was hired by Congressman Tom Freeny to build prototype software that would allow authorities to push the results to a 51/49 outcome if needed.

What this means is that a programmer can set a program inside the software of tabulation computers at the county or state level to monitor the results as they come in. If the preprogrammed winner does not achieve a certain percentage win (i.e. 51%) the program will change the final tally to reflect that percentage and then self-erase to show no trace.

A computer tabulation system that has internet access can be accessed at any time before or during the tally and insert more votes via this process, and even have the machine produce a certain percentage outcome for a selected candidate.

The insertion of the illegal software before the vote is the most difficult to discover because it would show no intervention during the vote, and self-erase after it has done its work. But the fact that Maricopa County deleted all the visitor access logs tends to indicate someone intervened during the vote one or more times and didn’t want it discovered.

Because it is unlikely states will ever give up computer ballot reading and tabulation or mail in ballots, there is a way to make sure computer manipulation of the results is made almost impossible.

The best way I know of to stop computer vote fraud is to design a vote tabulation/ballot reader machine that does all the computation and final output by hardwired circuits, no software input at all on the end result.

Software could only be used on the front end to input the electoral offices or issues and the number of candidate choices (including yes or no on ballot issues). The software would be limited to fill in the blanks of pre-determined forms to set up the display, nothing else.

While it’s true that only sophisticate software can read the anomalies of different shades of darkened circles used on ballots, that’s the only means to which programmers could try to skew the reading of voter input. But a uniform test sheet with various shades of markings could easily detect if the machine is reading ballots in error.

Evidence of Computer Fraud

Let’s revisit together the most comprehensive private investigation of computer fraud in the 2020 election in Maricopa County, AZ, because the same people are in charge of this election.

Shortly after the questionable results of the 2020 election, Liz Harris, an Arizona Realtor, got a hold of the public voter registration rolls from Maricopa County—the 12/10/2020 VM34 Maricopa County Registration List, which is publicly available. The rolls record the name and address and if the registered voter did vote in the recent election, not who they voted for, which is private information.

She first started investigating the number of dead persons still on the rolls, but then decided she could do a more comprehensive audit of ballot falsification if she got enough volunteers together to go house-to-house and survey several thousand voters in the county to determine if their vote got counted. She ended up with hundreds of volunteers who visited nearly 12,000 of the 2.6M residents in this the 3rd largest county in America by population. They only got successful answers from 4570, which is still a large basis for data. The results were shocking:

Lost Votes: During the canvass, hundreds of people who showed in the Maricopa County records as not voting in the election reported that they actually did vote in the election.

During the canvass, of the 4,570 registered voters we gathered data on, 964 individuals were interviewed at their residence who were registered to vote in Maricopa County but whom the county said did not vote.

Of those 964, 34.23%, or 330 people, said they had actually voted.

Overall, that equates to 505,709 people in the county registered to vote who did not have a vote recorded in the election. [34% of those yields an] estimated 173,104 voters that had their votes stolen. Given the canvass confidence interval of 1.5, this number technically ranges from 165,518 to 180,690 voters.

Harris either did not try or could not establish how many of those disappeared votes were Republican, but given the results, I suspect most were Republican in order to defeat Trump. But another researcher, Matt Braynard, data chief for the Trump campaign did poll Republican voters in several states

He phone surveyed 710 registered republican voters in Arizona who did not have a vote recorded by the State. In his survey 356, or 50.1%, of those surveyed stated that they had in fact cast a mail-in ballot. His results for other states were thus:

PA: 41.86%

GA: 44.08%

MI: 32.61%

WI: 20.00%

That’s a lot of votes not recorded.

Williams College Professor Steven Miller, a Yale and Princeton trained math expert, said he analyzed Pennsylvania ballot data collected by former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard as well as 2,684 voter interviews conducted by a phone bank and found two concerning patterns. One involved possible votes that were not counted, the other ballots that appeared to be requested by someone other than a registered voter.

“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,”

That was more than enough to have made a difference in the election of 2020

Because of the high number of missing votes, I’m fairly certain these votes were eliminated by computer tally manipulation. In fact, this is what the hacked Edison Research data showed in the overall election of 2020—how many votes for Trump were either switched to Biden or disappeared [From my World Affairs Brief November 13, 2020]:

• Pennsylvania: Switched: 220,883; Lost Votes: 941,248

• New Jersey : Switched: 80,242; Lost Votes: 20

• Florida: Switched: 21,422; Lost Votes: 456

• Michigan: Switched: 20,213; Lost Votes: 21,882 [total of 41k lost to Trump]

• New York: Switched: 18,124; Lost Votes: 623,213

• Georgia: Switched: 17,407; Lost Votes: 33,574

• Ohio: Switched: 14,965; Lost Votes: 5,102

• Virginia: Switched: 12,163; Lost Votes: 789,023

• Arizona: Switched: 4,492; Lost Votes: 0

It is interesting that Edison Research data, which compiles all state election data to relay to the media didn’t record any lost votes for Trump in AZ. But the Harris research shows there were over a hundred thousand lost votes, at least half of which had to be for Trump. This means that the votes were disappeared in local tabulation computers before being relayed to Edison.

The Edison data evidence is pretty good proof the 2020 election was stolen in large part by computer manipulation and those computers are still in use today. Illegal ballot dumps show up as abnormal jumps in votes for one candidate only. Disappearing votes can only be done by manipulation of computer tallies.

Sadly, unless someone hacks into election data computers as they did with Edison, this computer manipulation can never be discovered. That’s what happened in Brazil last week where President Bolsonaro’s party won most of their legislative races, but Communist Lulu Da Silva appeared to win the presidency.

Bolsonaro asked the military to investigate and that report came out this week saying they could find no evidence of vote fraud. That’s probably true—not that there wasn’t fraud, but that they couldn’t document it because of the intricacies of computer forensics, after the fact, are nearly impossible to determine.

In summary, though I have no proof that the previous use of computer and ballot vote fraud is still being used today, with such an important election defying all prognostications, I am convinced that fraud is alive and well in America’s raw democracy. If I’m right, Trump won’t have a chance in 2024.