Too effective? Bernadette Wilson is out at Americans for Prosperity

Matt Johnson commented:

AFP has always been a Trojan Horse inside the conservative movement. The Koch brothers are globalist tools. Don’t forget they not only opposed Joe Miller in Alaska, but also Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on the national level. Get smart people. This is not an organization you can count on.

So Americans for Prosperity helped keep Joe Miller from defeating Lisa Murkowski, when he almost did. That’s disgusting and sickening!

So is that why Lisa Murkowski was given such a warm welcome at the cheap gas event on Jewel Lake Road?

The anti-Biden event did highlight Trump’s lower gas prices though.

‘A Taxpayer’ commented:

I guess the legislators (and their union handlers) didn’t like coming face to face with actual constituents from THEIR district, instead of the echo-chamber lobbyists and Juneauites, who keep them insulated. Move the legislature and we will get better representation. Three cheers for Bernadette!

Bernadette brought a large group of conservatives to our isolated state capitol, where they challenged some of our politicians face to face, making some of them squirm — not what they are used to.

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Bernadette Wilson, lifelong Alaskan and well-known conservative political activist, has been fired by Americans for Prosperity, which hired her in September of 2021 as Alaska’s state director. She said she was not told why she was suddenly let go, and the change came as a surprise. …

Wilson has been leading the charge against an increase of the defined benefits program for state workers, and has worked on education reform, health care reform through ending the certificate of need program, and on the direct primary care bill.

It appears that political forces were a factor in her termination, as she was seen as a rising star in AFP on the national level. AFP is a libertarian-focused organization with chapters in over 30 states.

Just weeks ago, she and dozens of Alaska grassroots activists flew to Juneau and talked to legislators about conservative priorities relevant in this legislative session. Wilson has held grassroots academy trainings across the state, attended by hundreds of conservatives, and some consider her as a possible candidate for governor at some point in the future.

“Ahead of us, we have a sales tax issue, and we need to keep pressure on the Legislature to get the budget under control, but we’ll just do it through a different avenue, and I will still be a part of this conservative movement and conversation,” she said.

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