ISRAEL DEFINITELY LET HAMAS ATTACK HAPPEN on purpose so the people would be outraged (happening right now), SO ISRAEL GETS THE US MANDATE to do what they’ve been wanting to do.

It’s called ‘problem > reaction > solution.’ They create a problem so the people react: “give us a solution?” Then they have public support for their pre-planned solution. This happened on 9/11 too, after which fuming Americans were willing to violently regime change countries, which has been proven to be a reverse-Christian disaster!

Egypt warned Israel the attack was coming, 3 days prior
Former IDF soldiers have reported in videos (which I’ve posted) that breaching the fence is impossible without being detected. The fence even has subsurface detectors. Hamas was even able to go back through with hostages many hours later
IDF forces didn’t arrive until 7 HOURS after the invasion
IDF battalions had just been removed from the Gaza strip to other areas
Nova music festival attendees, incl. active military received a text message to not bring weapons to the event. Normally, IDF carry their weapons everywhere
On September 1st, Israel took the rifles from Gaza envelope Israeli security teams, which they’re only now reversing (Fmr. IDF video & Times of Israel, 10/10/23 “..10,000 Assault Rifles Purchased…”). Israel has no 2nd Amendment
Israelis’ cellphones were working to call for help [BBC Hamas Attack Survivor video 10/13/23, Maya Alper – a Nova Festival Massacre Survivor w/ Efrat Fenigson 10/20/23]
Israeli news didn’t report the event until 12 hours after it started
Hamas released video footage three weeks before the attack of their exact plan (Efrat Fenigson on X, 10/11)
Hamas prepared for the attack in open air for over a year
MOSSAD intelligence is the best in the world, had many agents and informants in Gaza
Patrick Bet-David asks Charlie Kirk (PBD Podcast, Ep. 314): Was this Netanyahu’s “get out of jail card” so “his legacy can be ‘he eliminated Hamas,’ … because the world [now] gave us permission to do so?” Kirk: “The whole country is a fortress … I find this very hard to believe. I’ve been to that Gaza border … The country was separating.” Netanyahu’s support in Israel was tanking — an approval rating of only 27%. Hundreds of thousands have protested in the streets for six months his extreme reform plan to eliminate the judicial branch of government, and he’s been facing corruption charges and possible prison time. Israel also have force-vaccinated ALL citizens. When Bill Clinton was caught with Monica Lewinsky, he bombed Gaddafi to distract, striking a pharmaceutical factory instead. Charlie Kirk: “There were protests planned this week against Netanyah…. That’s all gone,’Patrick. Netanyahu now has an emergency government and a mandate to lead.”
Netanyahu is on video (which I have) telling Israelis that America is easy to push around. He’s a major liar, lying about Iran already having, or a few years from having nukes 6 times from 1992-2012.
MOSSAD’s former motto was: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”
Israel was the main foreign country involved w/ CIA in our 9/11 attack (, after which Americans were willing to launch reverse-Christian wars (overt and covert) that regime-changed Israel’s neighbors
General Michael Flynn said on 10/11/23 he believes there was “some type of stand down order given.” (AMPNews video)
US Rep. Michael McCaul’s official statement as chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on 10/11/23: EGYPT DID WARN ISRAEL of Hamas attack; PLANNED as long as A YEAR ago. We don’t know how Israel missed it. “A failure of intelligence”
So many Israelis (including the media) are taking about the stand-down, that the government is trying to pass legislation to IMPRISON those who question the official story.  “Likud Minister Formulates Emergency Regulations to Imprison Citizens Who ‘Harm National Morale’” (Haaretz, 10/15/23).
Even a famous rabbi says the attack was an ‘inside job’ (Israeli News Live)
Netanyahu tried to blame the IDF & Shin Bet in a tweet for allowing the Hamas attack. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported he got so much flack, that he deleted the tweet, and posted an apology on 10/29
• Israel wants Gaza’s $500 BILLION of oil & natural gas under Gaza’s waters
• Israel wants to build their 2-way BEN GURION CANAL. The Suez Canal is only 1-way. Gaza & Hamas stand in the way.
Raphael Hayon identified thousands of transmissions that prove with certainty Hamas training before the attack. He alerted and informed the IDF and senior security officials in real time. They revoked his license and took away his equipment; returned it after Oct. 7, when they wanted his help (Efrat Fenigson on X, 11/22)
• Nurit Peled (Israeli founding general’s daughter): Israelis who lived near the Gaza fence saw Hamas’ preparations, but the government chose to ignore it (11/7 interview)