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Who Owns the Federal Reserve? — This chart shows the ROTHSCHILDS at the top, whom many consider the wealthiest family in the world. But the ROCKEFELLERS…. | The owners try to hide their identities by holding their ownership in the names of their lawyers or via ‘street’ names.

This chart shows the Rothschilds at the top, whom many consider the wealthiest family in the world. But the Rockefellers are also positioned as major shareholders of the New York branch. And it has been said that key owners of the Fed are the owners of the New York branch.

The owners try to hide their identities by holding their ownership in the names of their lawyers or via ‘street’ names.

Here is a basic overview of their history and globalist agenda.


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Alex Jones: Police Know The Federal Reserve is Private! — The FED is an unaccountable, “private, offshore, Rothschild bank,” and must be ended or our children and grandchildren will be slaves. END THE FED!

Starring Ron Paul & Ed Griffin: “Fiat Empire—Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution”

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David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

David Rockefeller (1991): “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected THEIR PROMISE OF DISCRETION for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop OUR PLAN FOR THE WORLD….”

Norman Dodd: Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations INTENTIONALLY ALTERED AMERICAN HISTORY in Order to Merge America Into a Monopoly They Control

Wealthiest Americans NOT Gates or Buffet: Rockefellers Worth $11.48 TRILLION in 1998!

Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it. Who did? Two months before the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION PROJECT, Nick ROCKEFELLER predicted a 9/11-like event to trigger war!

Globalist kingpin, David Rockefeller’s beetle (bug) collection — names species after himself

Skousen: Bailing Out the Economy—How Long Can They Keep Doing This? | The Plunge Protection Team

World Affairs Brief, January 25, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief


If there was any doubt about the Fed’s willingness to flood the world with money in order to keep the existing economic order from collapsing, those doubts should now be completely put to rest. The financial Powers That Be (PTB) show no signs of allowing a real depression, let alone a collapse. Whether or not they can still pull it off is another question, but I think they will–their ability to keep manipulating the system continues to amaze me. They don’t, however, intend to do this indefinitely–and can’t. They only have to keep this debt system afloat until the next world war can wipe the slate clean–which may be still 5-10 years in the future. Who would have thought they could turn around the massive world bear market in stocks on Tuesday after Monday’s precipitous decline in world markets? But they did and the flood gates of fiat money are wide open. The only thing surprising in all this is that the PTB appear to be able to shovel money out the door and the dollar still hasn’t collapsed as it should–yet. This week, I will attempt to analyze why.

Feds accused of gold-price manipulation

Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily

The Wall Street Journal has agreed to publish a full-page ad in which the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee charges the U.S. government surreptitiously utilizes gold reserves to engage in international swaps and other market manipulations.

“Anybody Seen Our Gold?” is the title of the ad, which alleges U.S. gold reserves held at depositories such as Fort Knox and West Point may have been seriously depleted. GATA asserts U.S. gold reserves are being shipped overseas to settle complex transactions utilized by the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury to suppress the price of the precious metal.

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Jim Cramer Calls For Investigation Of The Federal Reserve

From: Daily Paul 

In light of yesterdays “emergency” display of free market principles, Jim Cramer, persistant stock market shill in his role on CNBC, gives this interesting perspective when interviewed elsewhere.

At the 2:22 mark of this interview he says:

“I actually want to call right here for an investigation of what the Fed did. An investigation of the institution, because I think the institution has been behind almost every boom and bust that we’ve had for many many years. And its really starting to [be the] time to look to see what this institution is all about.”

Now who else do we know that has been saying the exact same things? …


Dees: ‘Federal’ Reserve’s US Timer




Could Paul win if he runs as an independent AND the economy tanks?

Denmark Bank predicts Ron Paul presidency, U.S. depression

Denmark based Saxo Bank predicts Ron Paul presidency in 2008. According to Pravda.Ru, the bank predicts Paul will be the next president and that the U.S. economy will plunge into a depression prior to the election.

Saxo Bank says the U.S. economy will shrink by 25% and the Chinese economy will decrease by 40%. The economic downturn will come about as a result of the housing crash.

Ron Paul has been critical of the Federal Reserve and has blamed the Federal Reserve for causing the real estate bubble and crash. Paul has said that the loose monetary policy of the Fed had artificially inflated real estate prices which lead to the collapse.

Paul supports ‘Sound Money’ and opposes the Federal Reserve’s ‘Inflation Tax’ and says that he wants to prevent a dollar collapse.

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Andre Eggelletion: ‘Federal’ Reserve Causing Economic Failure


[youtube=]Part 1 of 4

Gold hits record high after Bernanke announced rate cuts that will increase inflation

NEW YORK (AP) – Gold soared to a record high Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke pledged to cut interest rates, undermining the dollar and boosting demand for the metal as a safe investment.

Other precious metals traded mixed, and agricultural futures fell.

Bernanke said the central bank was ready to act aggressively to prevent the economy, weakened by turmoil in the housing and credit markets, from sliding into a recession.

Some economists predict the Fed will slash its key interest rate by a half percentage point it meets Jan. 29-30. Others expect a more modest quarter percentage point cut, in light of high energy prices and inflation worries.

An ounce of gold for February delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange jumped to $897.30, a fresh high, before easing back to $892.80, up $11.10.

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Bush convenes Plunge Protection Team

On Friday, Mr Bush convened the so-called Plunge Protection Team for its first known meeting in the Oval Office. The black arts unit – officially the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets – was created after the 1987 crash.

It appears to have powers to support the markets in a crisis with a host of instruments, mostly by through buying futures contracts on the stock indexes (DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell) and key credit levers. And it has the means to fry “short” traders in the hottest of oils.

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Ron Paul [Lego] Brickfilm: stop-motion animation on inflation/Fed


Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting: Response to FOX’s Banishment (1/6/08)

Since FOX News banned Ron Paul from their 1/6 debate, Congressman Paul held his own, 1-hour, town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire on the same night!

Stuck in the center of the tiny, round rug, it takes Ron about 10 minutes to get warmed up. The meeting then becomes very lively and great intro to Ron Paul!

One even asks “who owns the Federal Reserve?”






Fed Increases Money-from-Nothing Loans to Banks

United States banks on average borrowed $4.83 billion a day directly from the Federal Reserve in the week ended Dec. 26, up from $4.62 billion a day the previous week, Fed data released Thursday showed.

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Dr. Stanley Monteith: Monetary History




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