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Mitch Battros: Our current solar cycle much more powerful than previously thought | Can planetary alignment have a strong gravitational effect on Earth? Not really.

Can planetary alignment have
a strong gravitational effect on Earth?

“The way Jim Berkland puts it is
the moon has a hundred-fold more influence
than all nine planets lined up.”

– Mitch Battros

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

From: Coast to Coast AM

Sunspot Cycle News

First hour guest, Earth changes expert Mitch Battros shared news coming out of the meeting of the American Astronomical Society about sunspot cycles. In particular, our current solar cycle– (cycle 24) is much more powerful than previously thought, with smaller solar events like C & M class flares having the ability to cause as much damage as X class flares, he reported.

[youtube=]Coast To Coast AM – 13.6.2011 – 1/4 – Angel Power

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Sun spot activity in 2008 was 2nd smallest since 1900 — global cooling?

From: What’s Up With That?

2008 will be coming to a close with yet another spotless days according to the latest solar image.

This will bring the total number of sunspotless days this month to 28 and for the year to 266, clearly enough to make 2008, the second least active solar year since 1900.

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Global Cooling: Alaskan Glaciers Grow For First Time In 250 Years

State of the Sun for year end 2008: all’s quiet on the solar front – too quiet

The Ice in Greenland is Growing

Anchorage Daily News: Bad weather was good for Alaska glaciers which grew in mass

Anchorage, Alaska: Less Light Pollution from High-tech Street Lights—Yay!

From: Anchorage Daily News

The color of night is about to change.

In a move expected to save millions, improve nighttime visibility and make it easier to see the stars, the city plans to phase out its 16,500 pinkish-orange streetlights and replace them with energy-efficient white lights. In this northern metropolis, where residents live so much of their lives under artificial light, the switch means seeing everything differently.

“The one thing about the orange light, it makes everything fuzzier. White light, it makes everything crisper,” said Nancy Clanton, a Boulder, Colo., street lighting expert helping with the new lighting plan.

Light planners are also looking at ways to make street light more precise. What if lights dimmed slowly, responding to the rising sun? Is there a way to keep them from shining into bedroom windows? How many subtle undulations of northern lights could we see if we dampened Anchorage’s nighttime glow?

The city’s light replacement plan, one of the most ambitious in the nation, … would probably happen gradually as traditional lights burn out…. Streetlights burn out every three to four years.

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