Freedom from Alaska!

(video) Reporters Expose FOX News’ Collusion with Monsanto to Lie About BGH/Cancer Link — “The news is what we say it is”

[youtube=]FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!



FOX News Won RIGHT TO LIE in Court 2003


Alaska: Tuesday Voter’s Guide & Delegate Guide [Ron Paul!]


Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [New Hampshire]


  1. So. Why do you think nobody, except for redneck shut-ins, watches network news anymore? The news isn’t credible, it has never been credible, not just Fox. Why do you think I’m reading your blog instead of watching “the news at 11” or some other BS?

  2. riceroni

    Exactly, the truth is so far removed from FOX News Channel they’ve already been exposed on many accounts as nothing but the right-wing nut propaganda network that it is. It’s pathetic when you can look at network news from other countries and get the FACTS about what’s going on here with more credibility, clarity, unbias, an truth.

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