From: Anchorage Daily News,

Our town: cold, dark, dirty and bleak. That’s the common perception, and not out of place when dust blows through or a mist of mud rises from the roads during breakup. When the pipes threaten to freeze and when the sun — if you see it at all — will clear the horizon for less than six chilly hours. Like today.

Photographer Clark James Mishler offers an alternative view. His recent book, “Anchorage: Life at the Edge of the Frontier” (YesAlaska Press, $34.95), offers 128 pages of color portraits of the city at its best: flowers, vistas, urban wildlife, elegant architecture, happy people, glorious sunshine flooding every nook. Several of the alluring shots feature Anchorage in winter.

In the introduction to the book, Mishler admits that one reader reaction he was hoping for was “Gee, I didn’t realize what a great place Anchorage is!”

Judging by the reported success of the book, people are reveling in seeing their hometown so attractively displayed and are eager to share it with non-Anchorage friends and contacts.

“Anchorage is not the perfect city,” Mishler writes. “(But) it is an exciting city in a beautiful setting, inhabited by some of the most diverse and gracious people anywhere.”


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