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Ron Paul: Obama’s Anti-war ‘Rhetoric’ is ‘a Fraud’



CNN’s John Roberts: “…you are the only Republican calling for a withdraw from Iraq. Would your supporters—if you’re not going to become President and be in a position to affect that—would they be better off voting for the Democratic candidate?”

Ron Paul: “I don’t think so, because I don’t think they’re very sincere. If you look at Obama’s voting record, he’s voted not to end the war. He’s voted to finance the war. So his rhetoric is playing to the people that come my way, but he is every bit as much of an interventionist. He wants to send more troops into Afghanistan. He wants to broaden the military. So I think it’s a fraud what he’s talking about, when he wants to really get out of Iraq. I think that’s politics.”

Transcript by Jeff Fenske

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  1. blakmira

    You tell it like it is, Ron Paul! The people are being hoodwinked once again by the same old pandering politics and politicians. What exactly will it take to wake them up if they don’t hear what Ron Paul has to say?

    Ron Paul, I am behind you all the way to the convention. Anything could happen before then, and I’m a firm believer in miracles.

    After all, I believe Ron Paul is a miracle.

  2. Ron Paul was doomed as was Dennis Kucinich. The only viable candidates in this phony election are phony candidates…McCain, Obama and Clinton.

    When the public votes on American Idol they are voting for candidates that were hand picked by the judges of American Idol. Regardless of who wins American Idol the winner was pre-chosen by the judges. The judges win regardless of which singer wins American Idol. The fix is in. A approved singer will win.

    So it is with our politics. Only approved hand picked candidates are chosen to run and regardless of which candidate of either party wins, it will be a pre-approved Hand picked candidate. The fix is in.

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