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Obama’s Pastor Being Vilified—The Black Church Largely Misunderstood

From: WorldNetDaily

Black summit pastors defend Obama preacher
‘This former U.S. Marine is guilty of loving the United States enough to tell the truth’

… “What is eminently clear is the degree to which the black church is still largely misunderstood and routinely caricatured in U.S. popular culture. … We now realize why the 11 o’clock hour on Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week,” said Stacey Floyd-Thomas, who teaches ethics and directs black church studies at Brite. …

“If Martin Luther King Jr. were pastoring a church today, it would look very much like Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Ill., and the sermons you would hear him preach would sound very much” like Wright’s, Rev. Frederick Haynes III, senior pastor at Friendship West Baptist Church, said.

King, Floyd-Thomas noted, once called America “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” adding that the slain civil rights leader had been scheduled to deliver a sermon titled “Why America May Go to Hell” [Isn’t this the road America is currently largely on? – ed.] on the Sunday after he was assassinated in 1968, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“Standing in the rich tradition of the African-American church, if he is guilty of anything, this loving father, this prophetic pastor, this former U.S. Marine is guilty of loving the United States enough to tell the truth,” she said. …

As WND has reported, Wright used his pulpit to accuse the U.S. of knowing about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor prior to the 1941 Japanese attack and to blame the government for developing the HIV virus to target blacks. [see the evidence for Write’s comments being actually true, below – ed.]

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Reverend Jeremiah Wright Is Right About Man-Made AIDS

From: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Newsletter – January 2001

Does our government really manipulate world events and create crisis situations? The answer to that question should be self-evident. Those who have read Robert Stinnett’s book Day of Deceit realize that President Roosevelt manipulated the Japanese government and forced them to attack Pearl Harbor. The 2800 servicemen who perished there were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. [12] …

12. Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit, The Free Press, New York, 2000, p. 8.


Dr. [Leonard] Horowitz unearthed and reprinted stunning scientific documents and National Institutes of Health contracts proving that chimpanzees, contaminated with numerous viruses, were used to produce hundreds of hepatitis B vaccine doses administered to central African Blacks along with homosexual men in New York City at precisely the time Dr. Myers and colleagues claim the origin of HIV “punctuated event” occurred.

Regarding Martin Luther King’s comments (above), this interview with economic hit man, John Perkins is an excellent introduction as to how the corporatocracy in America has been manipulating and impoverishing much of the world for decades—which is well known in much of the world.

Just in Iraq, as many as one million Iraqi men, women, children and the elderely have died because Saddam Hussein refused to play ball with our corporatocracy. John Perkins explains how this is done. Much of it is done covertly. We only bring in the military when nothing else works.


Dalai Lama: ‘China Cloaking Soldiers as Monks to Incite Riots’


Joe Sample’s Decision: “I’m NOT GOING TO HATE the white man. I’m going to the piano & CREATE THE LIFE that I want TO LIVE!”

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    “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

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