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Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Death—Majority Deficient

From: Science Daily, Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Death From Cardiovascular, All Causes

Individuals with lower blood levels of vitamin D appear to have an increased risk of death overall and from cardiovascular causes, according to a new report.

A recent consensus panel estimated that about 50 percent to 60 percent of older individuals in North America and the rest of the world do not have satisfactory vitamin D status, and the situation is similar for younger individuals, according to background information in the article. Blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, a measure of blood vitamin D levels, lower than 20 to 30 nanograms per milliliter have been associated with falls, fractures, cancer, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. These effects are thought to be mediated by the compound 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, which is produced by the body and also converted from 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

From: Huliq News, Sunshine Vitamin D Vital For Health

For years doctors have been informing the public to stay out of the sun. The sun is bad for you. They have now realized they were wrong because of Vitamin D low levels in our blood. There has been increase in many types of disease in the past 10-15 years and some of it is attributed to Vitamin D deficiency.

Imagine how many BILLIONS of dollars Big Pharma has made and how many MILLIONS of people’s lives have been ruined by Big Pharma and its brother, the media’s suppression of the obvious truth about vitamin D deficiency!

And combine this with their cover-up of the massive iodine deficiency…. Yikes!!!


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  1. I think no one suppressed the relation between sun exposition and vitamin d levels. It was the ozon hole hysteria that people brought to avoid a normal behavior. Catastrophes sell in the media.
    Now vitamin D deficiency sells.

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Dr. Roeder,

    I appreciate your comment; though, I respectfully disagree.

    How many decades has it been common knowledge that Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin?” And how many decades has it been known to be essential?

    And if the skin cancer hysteria, largely fueled by Big Pharma, encouraged many to either stay out of the sun and/or use too much sunscreen, it is easy to deduce that this would reduce vitamin D levels. And the blood tests for vitamin D would make this clearly known to physicians, especially to researchers.

    But there is no money in vitamin D, relatively speaking. It’s unpatentable, so Big Pharma kept their mouth shut; though, naturopathic doctors (NDs) have been prescribing vitamin D for ages.

    And then there is the northern climate, winter exposure issue, which has always kept people in northern latitudes vitamin D deficient during winter. The sun doesn’t get high enough in the sky to rise above the atmospheric particles that block the vitamin D producing rays (this is especially true in Alaska). And when and where these rays do get through, it’s too cold to expose enough skin to get enough vitamin-D rays.

    This is pretty basic, certainly easy enough for Big Pharma to understand decades ago. But there isn’t any money in vitamin D, and there is money in treating sick people, which vitamin D deficiencies produce a lot of.

    I took the class in college that the doctors took in nutrition—maybe similar to the one you took. We were steered away from vitamins, learning to fear their overdoses more than appreciate their need for proper health. Doctors aren’t taught nutrition. They’re taught drugs. That’s where the money is. And corporate media is complicit.

    For example, our newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, has often talked about light therapy for years to cope with S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), while not even mentioning vitamin D. I’ve been flabbergasted each time I’ve seen this because I’ve known about vitamin D for decades. This isn’t rocket science. But the media and Big Pharma control the population often by what they withhold. And millions are sick and dead as a result.

    Another good example is the fluoride issue. A few years ago, when Juneau, Alaska banned fluoride from the drinking water (I have many posts about this toxic waste, water additive’s effects on humans at, including lowering IQ, making people lethargic, controllable, etc.), I found 60 or 70 articles on this subject published by their newspaper. But during this same period, I couldn’t find even one article in the Anchorage Daily News on the pros or cons of forced water fluoridation.

    Juneau Empire allowed dialog, and the fluoride was removed. The Anchorage Daily News squashes any discussion, so most in Anchorage aren’t even aware of non-food-grade fluoride’s harmful effects.

    People in top positions make this decision to stifle this important discussion, just like they refused to air info on the dangerously low vitamin D levels of Alaskans.

    If people are really interested in how this works, Dr. Stanley Monteith has investigated for about 50 years how people are being played like pawns by the globalists, who own mainstream media and the medical monopoly. And there are dark forces behind this whole mechanism. It’s about population control.

    I invite you to spend some time with Dr. Stan and find out for yourself. His audio archives are free, and linked to in my links. And the other material on his site is outstanding. I know Dr. Stan personally, and consider him a national treasure; though, most don’t know about him because of the crystal clear mainstream media bias/blackouts.

    If Big Pharma (including the Surgeon General, who works hand-in-glove with them) really cared about the health and vitality of Americans regardless of weather they make a Zillion dollars or not, they would have been loudly warning us to take adequate amounts of the *sunshine vitamin* when they told us to stay out of the sun. And they should have been doing this anyway for people who don’t get outside much or for northern climate dwellers, in winter.

    And if they really didn’t know what was so obvious to many and for what they had the blood tests for, then shame on them for deemphasizing the essential vitamins and minerals (including iodine) so much that all they seem to care about is people taking their $$$$$ patented drugs and $$$$$ treatments after the people are already sick.

    And I haven’t even mentioned how Big Pharma even skews studies to make vitamins and minerals look bad to the public. For example, this article:

    Dr. Stan talks about how hospitals even used to have solariums, way back when, where they would put sick people in the sun to help them recover. Now it’s mostly drugs and cut-or-poison (chemo) treatments. Big Pharma has lost their way. And most of the doctors just go along to get along and keep the money coming in.

    Imagine how many billions of dollars they’ve made through withholding essential nutritional information just with this vitamin D issue alone? I heard an estimate that if all Americans who are low in vitamin D would take just 1000 iu per day (lower than the ideal dose), costing hardly anything, doctors’ visits would go down by perhaps 1/3 or even more.

    America is falling because of a lack of integrity, and the AMA and the mainstream media are among the key players. Whereas Dr. Stan is among the key players who can bring back integrity to America if the media would give him the time of day.

    God bless you all,

    Jeff Fenske : )

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