Desmond Tutu:

From: Democracy Now!

AMY GOODMAN: Your response to the election of the first African American president, a son of an African man from Kenya?

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU: Yippee! No, “yippee” actually—it captures something that is almost inevitable. It’s very close to the kind of feelings we had on April the 27th, 1994. And some, maybe a few people in this country, have said it was as it was with Mandela—Mandela moment. It’s a moment when especially people of color have a new spring in their step. They can walk a great deal taller than they used to. And that even though this country, the United States, experiences very considerable racism—I mean, people being dragged to their deaths behind trucks—yet, it’s a country that, in fact, has had this extraordinary experience, and it’s something that has filled people with hope that the world can be a better place.

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