Top Trend # 8:
Little People Squeeze

Cheri Van Deusen

“When people lose everything, and there’s nothing left to lose … they lose it.” -Gerald Celente

KINGSTON, NY — Among our TOP TRENDS 2009, The Trends Research Institute forecast an imminent onslaught of “Hassle Taxes” to be levied by governments at every level from local to federal.

Intended to make up for shortfalls in revenue brought on by the economic crisis, we predicted the taxes would “squeeze the already squeezed” while leaving the most wealthy relatively untouched.

Right on schedule, Governor David Paterson of New York proposed 130 new or sharply raised taxes on a broad range of items including: Soda pop, taxi rides, haircuts, movie tickets, music downloads. If the Paterson proposal is implemented, almost no aspect of daily life will be left untaxed.

New York is not alone … most states are imposing “hassle taxes” and raising property and school taxes despite dramatically declining home values.

While the unfair and burdensome taxes will fail to balance budgets, they will succeed in infuriating the general public ­ to such an extent that tax revolts will break out around the country, along with incendiary displays of both civil and uncivil disobedience.

Blind to the repercussions, governments do not recognize that revolution, not prosperity, is just around the corner.

That’s not all. Beyond tax revolts and civil disobedience , 2009 will be a tumultuous year.

Trends foreboding and trends promising:

The Collapse of ’09: Markets will tumble and major businesses will fail.

The Greatest Depression: Worse than the 1930’s Depression. Why?

Revolution: What will be the spark that ignites it? Who will fire the shot heard around the world?

Obamarama: High hopes, broken promises: Some victories, major failures.

Economic Slim-Fast: Like it or not, Americans will go on a spending diet and food diet.

Bush Gardens: Lawns out, Edible Landscaping in. Why Bush Gardens?

Whole Health Healing: 2009 marks a year of “attitude change” for the on-trend health aware.

Little People Squeeze: Politicians will put the financial squeeze on the already squeezed.

Regenerative Medicine: The time is ripe for stem cells to come out of the laboratory and into the clinic.

That’s Entertainment: Lifting spirits ­ and drinking them ­ will be big business and major pastimes during the Greatest Depression.

College Crash: Following the equity market meltdown, the real estate bust and the retail unraveling, comes the college crash.

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