To the wise and prudent,

What’s coming down looks ugly. The both-wise-and-honest (scarce, these days) economic strategists are saying hyperinflation will soon be upon us, maybe within months.

This is all being done by design, as the Illuminists continue the destruction of America through those they’ve once again put into power, in order to bring us into the one-world government, antichrist system.

Most Americans rejected, many even went along with the laughing at Ron Paul. Now, we’ll have to eat crow. And McCain is their man too. Either way they win.

And Obama didn’t choose his cabinet, just as Jimmy Carter didn’t.

Presidential elections are largely a sham. That is to say, while the party is of minor importance, the actual person of the President is largely irrelevant. What’s more important is the Cabinet; they control the flow of information to the President, and no President can make a correct decision without the correct information.

The best explanation of this is from Pat Robertson in his book The New World Order (Written in the ’80s before, IMHO, he went off the deep end). Mr. Robertson speaks of after the ’76 election and how Jimmy Carter was essentially handed a listing saying who his cabinet members would be; he had little choice in the matter. source

But there are strategies that can make the “Change has come to America” less painful.

I recently heard one of the wisest strategists, Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster, suggest that if a person does have extra money right now, buy gold. So when the value of the Dollar plummets, gold will retain value and spike. The international banksters can only keep the price of gold down so long.

Then sell the gold and pay off your house or whatever.


Jeff Fenske

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