Many are disappointed by President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet member picks. But the elite that chose and vaulted him get to choose his cabinet too.

Here’s a lesson from history.

From: The New World Order, 1991, p. 104-5, by Pat Robertson, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

After the general election in November, I spoke to President-Elect Carter during  three-way telephone conversation along with pro-family activist Lou Sheldon of California. I suggested to Governor Carter that he, as a strong evangelical, might want to include some evangelical Christians among his appointments. He greeted the idea with enthusiasm and agreed to receive a list if we could get it to him within two weeks.

Lou Sheldon and I worked night and day to put together a short roster of names and resumes. The finished product was outstanding. All of the candidates were Democrats. All were highly distinguished in government, business, or education.  …

When the document was ready, I chartered a small aircraft to take Lou Sheldon to the grassy strip in Georgia we laughingly called “Plains International.” Sheldon arrived at the Carter residence to find the next president barefoot and in blue jeans. They greeted each other warmly, and Sheldon proudly presented the booklet. Carter took it, read it, and began to cry.

When he got back to Virginia Beach, Sheldon said, “Jimmy was so touched by all the work that we did that tears came to his eyes.” I said, “Lou, you are wrong. The reason he cried is because the appointment process is out of his hands, and he is not going to appoint any of those people.” And indeed my words were true. not one of our recommendations—men and women who on the surface shared every principle that Jimmy Carter espoused—was appointed to public office, or even seriously considered.


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