Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

The Alex Jones Show – L I V E – Jan. 27 with Gerald Celente — Trends Research Institute, just-the-facts, ‘political atheist’


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The next shoe to drop domestically:

“What we’re going to see with the real estate collapse in commercial is going to make the sub-prime problem look like peanuts. And we’re forecasting: around March, the reality is going to set in that the greatest depression is on the way.”

The ‘solution’ is sold as ‘nationalization,’ but:

“What they’re calling ‘nationalization,’ …it’s not nationalization at all…. Now, Wall Street is in control of Washington.”

The Presidential Reality Show:

“This is the Presidential Reality Show, Episode 2, Obama Moves Into the Whitehouse. America loves entertainment, and they now have a celebrity President.

He’s the Tiger Woods of the political scene.

People are going to buy into this for a long time. … The people are so fearful and desperate that they’ll believe the thinnest veneer has substance to it.”

The college industrial complex:

Our education system has dumbed us down and forced us to learn all the same things in the same way. … There’s no individuality. … What’s going to survive in this coming greatest depression are the people that express their individuality, that are unique, or innovative, and really understand what quality is about. Those are going to be the survivors and thrivers in the coming tough times, as the rest of the people who all think alike, and have drunk the Kool-Aid go down with the ship.”

“Most people are only fed sound-bites of information upon which they make decisions.”

“They don’t want to believe it, number one. They think of these things as conspiracy theories. They’ve been indoctrinated all their lives through the college industrial complex to all think alike. …this is way beyond their grasp of understanding. How many people really know that the major issue in United States’ politics throughout the entire 1800s was about the central bankers taking over the country?”

‘Shows’ lose their ratings:

This is the Presidential reality show, and shows start losing their ratings after awhile, when they turn bad. … It’s going to lose its veneer.”

On the geopolitical front:

“On the geopolitical front, what we’re most concerned about is Israel and Iran.”

Celente says Obama’s early measures give the impression of ‘change,’ like closing Guantanamo, the emissions standards, the executive pay, the abortion issue.

“He’s solidifying his core support

Alex Jones adds that Barack Obama is already betraying some of his stances [like pulling out of Iraq]. And:

He’s throwing a few bones, but they’re hollow. We’ll look at a year in closing Guantanamo, but we’ll keep indefinite detention.”


He’s just carrying on the policies and the big issues in the economy and geopolitical as the previous administration.”

President Eisenhower warned the nation as he was leaving office that the military industrial complex is taking over the country.

Look who Obama just brought in as his deputy defense secretary, a chief lobbyist for one of the greatest of all the military industrial defense companies, Raytheon [Bill Lynn, – ed.].

Don’t wait to get hit:

Don’t wait to get hit. … An economic 9/11 has already happened. Take evasive actions. Plan for the future. …

As my dear father had taught me…, ‘listen to your own gut; think for yourself; don’t be a parrot. … Stop repeating what everybody else is saying.’”


Bush will be the most hated living person in America come spring, because of the disaster of this economy and how easy it is to blame it all on Bush.” “When do you ever remember a President being booed off stage as he’s leaving office? That’s history making. That’s never happened in this country.

“We’re also going to see a re-igniting of the cold war….”

Secessionist movements will take hold.


“Most of the people are…so much gripped in fear and desperate that they’ll buy the thinnest lines.”

If there is another election, why Ron Paul can’t win:

“As much as I like Ron Paul, he lacks that celebrity kind of thing that’s so important in a society as thin as America.”

Final thoughts:

“Watch what’s going on in the middle east. Look for a bank holiday or some kind…. Some draconian action is going to going to be taken, we believe, very swiftly as Obama now has all this power in his hands.

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