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Nick Begich on ‘Coast’ Tonight: Mind Effects

From an email from Nick Begich

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09_05_02Dr. Nick Begich in the bush country of Alaska — Summer, 2008

Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
June 3rd 11:00PM Pacific Time

Dear Friends,

A date change on the Coast to Coast show with George Noory has been rescheduled until the 3rd of June 11:00 PM Pacific time. The subject of the show is Mind Effects. We appreciate all of the support and we trust that you will find this news flash of use. We have been covering both sides of the Mind Effects controversy for the last fifteen years.  As this issue has evolved much has been revealed that continues to cause great concerns on the side of abuse of human subjects rather than seeking to enhance human mental performance. Just a few years ago the Navy announced their new requirements for work on human subjects including the below statement which you can see in its entirety at our website under the Mind/ Brain Effects section.

<> The most documented book on the subject of Mind Control yet published. We are scheduled to discuss this topic in conjunction with the recent report of military efforts in electronic telepathy on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. This book has over 250 sources quoted and provides the needed references to take the issue head-on to the public. We also produced a companion video on the subject that can be used in presentations and informational broadcasts. We need help to produce new material and are no longer sponsored by the Lay Institute on Technology which in the past assisted us greatly in getting these issues in front of each of you.

<> This video is based on the book Controlling the Human Mind by Dr. Nick Begich, Mind Control – A Brave New World goes beyond where others dare to go. Well documented and presented this material will open your eyes to the possibilities and the concerns of this double edged sword of 21st century warriors and intellectuals. Now is the time for action.

<> Angels Don’t Play This HAARP is where it started for me in 1994 when we first began bringing to the public these controversial matters. Over fifteen years my wife and I spent $2.5 million dollars publicizing these issues in the hope that it would be enough to create real change. We worked to the point of bankruptcy in 2002  after spending several years recovering only to be hit with this economic downturn. We are now split between our public efforts, consulting work for indigenous peoples and trying to rebuild our publishing work. I need underwriters who are willing to support additional video production, articles and our general communications efforts. Are you one of those people? If you are interested in helping us in this way let us know by contacting us at the address at the end of this new letter.

On the other side of these issues are mind enhancing potentials. These are the most exciting areas yet for the average person to gain greater access to our mind’s hidden powers. These are not beyond our reach but in front of us now. Take a look at our website and explore your potentials and together we will change the world and the way we move the planet as created human souls. Thank you again for your continued support.

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  1. Many have been abused by this technology. I am one of those individuals. The lesser forms, such as voice to skull, is being used by public citizens and local law enforcement. This has also become a corporate weapon. I have had the ultimate power of this technology demonstrated on me. This involves the complete control over an individual, mentally and physically. This also involves forced speech. There are individuals within these government agencies that are trying to help expose these programs and the extensive abuse of this technology in America today. They are not being allowed to do so. These individuals are refered too as whistle blowers. They are nothing more than concerned Americans who wish to warn citizens about the dangers it presents for all of US. It could very well be why our country is currently in such dire straits. There are private conflicts going on between different factions who possess these weapons. The effects and deployment of these weapons are very difficult to detect. Even the lesser forms can be used as a hypnotic tool. Those persons involved using these weapons can very well be victims themselves and under someone elses control. I fear this problem is so widespread now we may never be able to recover what has been lost and stolen from society has a whole.

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