Dr. Stanley Monteith

“The story behind the story
and the news behind the news”

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Arm Yourself with the Truth!, May 24, 2001
By Michael Desario “MD” (Stow, Ohio USA)

If you’ve read Committee of 300, then this book is the icing on the cake. It discusses a wide variety of secret societies and hierarchical organizations linked to the worldwide conspiracy and asks the question, “What’s the ultimate source of power behind these people and why are they so united in purpose?”

The book is very well written and easy to read, unlike many of this genre. The writer takes you through a history of secret societies from their early origins to present day. Always with the same thought in mind, “What motivates them to hunger after world domination.” Your historical perspective will be altered and your worldview will never be the same again.

When he finally reveals the awesome secret of their power, you already know what to expect. This is a Spiritual battle of the most universal magnitude. Waged for the souls of mankind since the foundation of creation. Good versus evil. Darkness versus Light.

As God has His disciples working to spread the message of Truth, Satan also has recruited his minions to work destruction and human misery. Rewarding them with power and wealth beyond imagination. Dr. Monteith breaks it down in no uncertain terms.

Although it appears in many forms and is called by different names, the author of this madness is none other than the Pri[n]ce of Darkness himself! He is hidden behind every man made ritual and ceremony, lurking in the shadows, passing down the `secrets’ of his power to those seduced by his evil.

Mankind is without hope except in Christ. No wonder the great Apostle Paul said, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age.” Aside from the Full Armor of God, we cannot stand a moment against such evil.

Read Dr. Monteith’s book and Walk toward the Light!

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From: Radio Liberty

“Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Monteith. The story in this book is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today. Most people don’t realize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations. In this book, Dr. Monteith reveals the amazing facts he discovered in his almost 40 years of research. He reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some of our leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying our nation. After reading Brotherhood of Darkness, you will never look at the world in the same way again. ($12.95) – Special: Book, Audio (tape or CD) and Video (VHS or DVD) all for $29.95 [Photo indicates this may be the earlier edition – editor] (Link)