While John B. Wells is my favorite ‘Coast to Coast AM’ host, Ian Punnett is probably my least favorite. He’s an ordained ‘Christian’ minister, but acts more like a new age religion apologist, putting words in the mouth of his guest, Peter Levenda. And he wouldn’t even let Peter answer a Mitt Romney question; even though, this was after the election.
Still, this is very interesting regarding what happened to Hitler. The evidence points to him living in Indonesia, dying there in 1970.
And some of the truth about Mormonism’s occult origin is discussed; though, Ian downplays these bizarre truths.
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During the middle two hours, Ian Punnett (Twitter) was joined by author Peter Levenda, who provided an update on his book Ratline, which contends that Adolf Hitler escaped from Germany during the end of WWII, and discussed his new book The Angel and the Sorcerer, which examines the “occult origins of Mormonism.” (source)

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Interview starts at minute-51:30[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAuOQTDtWUg]The Ratline & Mormon Origins – 11-11-2012

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Date: 11-11-2012