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It’s not ‘sex’ that sells- It’s female body parts.

My personal view…

In Victorian England, the male elite kept pornography hidden away from working class men, women and children. Apparently, for their own protection and welfare. They believed that pornography would encourage endless fornication, that would inevitably affect the workforce and corrupt the innocent.

Only they held privy to view, categorise and no doubt ‘enjoy’ their private collections. That were sought and acquired from every corner of the world.

During the 20th century, there was a complete turnaround. The realisation that selling women’s bodies via printed publications, equated to considerable wealth and power. The two main providers (pimps/ procurer’s) of this ‘Paper prostitution’ were again, the male elite. Namely, Rupert Murdoch and his male counterpart Hugh Hefner. Who introduced mainstream pornography into the U.K and America. They have both built their empires, not by selling sex – by selling female body parts.

On acquiring the much ‘troubled’ sun newspaper in 1969. Rupert Murdoch told the editor Larry Lamb-

“I want a tearaway paper-with lot’s of Tit’s in it!”

Thereby, confirming the selling of female body parts and depicting females as mere sexual objects. Which possibly caused many of their readers to unwittingly or subconsciously become both voyeurs and objectifiers.

This was a highly profitable rescue for the sun newspaper, whose circulation rose dramatically to 10 million daily readers in 1997.

It now has the ninth largest circulation of any newspaper in the world….

Rupert Murdoch is a prominent shareholder in BskyB. Which platforms pornography channels such as Playboy,Telx, red hot tv. and 3D porn.

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