(video) Hitler responds to Churchill’s war-crime decision to target civilians — “I did not answer for THREE MONTHS because I was of the opinion that they would ultimately stop this nonsense” • Churchill fire bombed German civilians so Hitler would bomb London. He knew the Brits would then become enraged to be willing to fight on until Germany was destroyed (Churchill’s BANKSTER handlers’ goal). Hitler had been trying to make peace with England, which Churchill wouldn’t even acknowledge

Churchill targeted German civilians, a war crime, in order to break Germany’s spirit and to provoke Germany to bomb civilians in London, so the British people would become enraged and be willing to fight on until Germany was destroyed (Churchill’s bankster handlers’ goal). Hitler had been trying to make peace with England — which Churchill wouldn’t even acknowledge, nor would he tell the British people.

Germany didn’t even have bombers designed for mass bombing cities, while Britain had built many.

America eventually joined in, and officially, 600,000 German civilians were murdered in this way (was probably 1 million massacred!), entire cities were destroyed. Many Germans were burned alive, but even then, Churchill was not able to break the German people’s will to be free from the Zionist international bankster system which had corrupted Germany after WWI!

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“I did not answer for three months because I was of the opinion that they would ultimately stop this nonsense.”

– Adolph Hitler

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJcjXC3YRT8]Hitler responds to Churchill’s decision to target civilians.

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