(video) MK-ULTRA Assassin Confession – False flag patsies mind-controlled by Gov’t with Scopolamine – Matthew Pauly w/ Sean Stone


00:01 Welcoming Matthew Pauley to Buzzsaw.
00:44 The Murder of Time, and mind control from Project Paperclip to personal experience.
02:10 Realizing you’ve been experimented on, and being selected by the government for MKULTRA.
09:36 Being characterized as a terrorist by the government, and entrapped into interrogation.
13:38 Tortured by the agents to the point of dissociation.
17:00 Making of a “sleeper” through chemicals and manipulation.
24:09 Memories from under hypnosis.
29:50 Exercised as a sleeper assassin.
34:44 Learning to recall the memories.
35:20 Mass shootings and sleeper assassin connections: Recognizing sleeper assassins. [Why James Holmes is 100% a MK-Ultra patsy!]
40:40 Sleeper assassins and super soldiers recovering their awareness.
44:57 Documenting the experience in a book, and recognizing triggers.
46:55 An appearance by the Mossad, assassination attempts, and two home invasions.
52:22 Where to learn more.
53:35 Thanks and Goodbye.

MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets


(video) Matthew Pauly: MK-Ultra – Government Issued Nightmare! — “Every one of the major TERROR EVENTS SINCE 9/11 that I’ve looked at all match the criterion of FALSE FLAGS done by MK-ULTRA programmed people that have no interest in doing what they did. And they’ve never been tested for Scopolamine, which is the drug they use to incapacitate people so you have no will. It allows people to create slaves out of other people and have them do their bidding, and have no memory…”

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