(vid) Ernst Zundel vs Everybody on 'The Tom Cherington Show' 1983

Ernst did well, considering all of the callers and guests were against him, and pretty much the host too.
What a brave man!
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Ernst Zundel on ‘The Tom Cherington Show’ 1983

Published on Aug 19, 2017

Ernst Zundel is a guest on the Tom Cherington show alongside Sabina Citron and Joana Kuras. They discuss the Holocaust, hate literature, hate speech, court cases, propaganda and various trials regarding these topics.

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  1. I thought Ernest held his own pretty well too, when you have everybody against you it’s had to make a defense. I’m putting this video up again after I edit it cut some things out to make it shorter.

    1. Ernst had the whole deck stacked against him, including that hardly any of the viewers understood his position at all. He was strong throughout. The main lady wouldn’t even address him directly, as if she was a racial supremacist and he was just an infidel goyim.
      Ernst didn’t let it bother him.
      I liked his answers, mostly. He admitted that many of the Jews shouldn’t have been in those camps, and stood strong on the facts.
      I really like how when the host said the lady was a holocaust survivor, and he responded that he survived the Allied bombings of German civilians! That was great! He deserved applause there. Few understand how atrocious that was.
      What goofy theme songs we had back then; though, this was Canada.
      I’ve always thought Canada was such a beautiful country, having driven through British Columbia a few times, and elsewhere, but there are some major differences, especially because they don’t have our 1st Amendment. They way homosexuality is accelerating here, we may not have it long either. We’re getting trashed through TalmudVision, big-time!
      I was glad I could speed up the video to sometimes 2X. Some of it is just hideous. But it’s real history.
      God bless!

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