Alaska State Sen. Lora Reinbold’s sister defends her from Dan Fagan’s unfair hit-piece at Must Read Alaska

In the now-private Save Anchorage Facebook group, Alaska State Senator Lora Reinbold posted her sister’s comment responding to Dan Fagan’s hit-piece on Lora Reinbold published by Must Read Alaska: Reinbold wonders if Dunleavy should step aside, calls his mandates ‘socialist’

Lora thought her sister’s comment was deleted by Must Read Alaska, but it was being held for moderation. It’s now there, but truncated. So here is the entire comment.

Dear Fellow Alaskans,

I’m Lora Reinbold’s identical twin sister, Lisa. Dan Fagan just attacked her fiercely in an article, even though she has supported his radio show many times. I posted comments to the article but within moments my comments were censored. I must come to her defense since she endlessly defends her beloved Alaskans.

I’m proud the faithful way she fulfills the oath she took to defend our constitution. She knows you miss your freedoms that our leaders have tried to suppress. She is not a snowflake when facing challenges in defending your freedoms like so many others. Senator Reinbold is a true freedom fighter! She doesn’t put on a mask for her fights or fall victim to masqued lies! When a virulent storm brews she won’t tell you to stay home and be safe. In contrast, she will tell you to face it boldly.

My oldest sister, on the other hand, who happens to be in healthcare, has influenced political leaders to mandate mask wearing so everyone looks sick. It helps a few businesses but hurts most others in an incalculable way economically and socially.

In regard to religious freedom, for Dan to infer that the decisions made by our political leaders haven’t impacted churches is not based in reality. Where does he go to church? Is he back living in New Orleans which he also claims to be home?

Thousands of people of faith are suffering immensely!

I tried to reach out and share the perspective I formed after talking to hundreds of Alaskans with the Governor but to no avail.

No one has ever broken my trust in government more than Dunleavy. He falsely declared an emergency when one person was positive for the novel corona virus! We were not in an emergency and that is a fact.

(The 1964 earthquake was a true emergency.) Leading by fear or what “could happen” is not healthy. If he would perhaps stop looking through a microscope and pick up a telescope he would be able to see all Alaskans better. I’ve never seen Alaskans in more distress during the past half century than I have in 2020 under the conjured “mandates”.

When will he fulfill his campaign promise to build our trust in government? There is still time I hope he uses it well.

In the meantime, Alaskans I share in your grief. May relief come soon via the government releasing us to live free of unnecessary fear.

As always let’s put our trust where it belongs – in the loving care of our Heavenly Father.


Another notable comment posted under Dan Fagan’s hit-piece on Lora:

MMD / NOVEMBER 10, 2020

I sadly have to agree 100% with Reinbold. Under Dunleavy’s unconstitutional mandates our rights to assemble, travel and pursue happiness were strangled, and continue to be so. His mandates continue to perpetuate the fear-mongering that makes people miserably afraid of this no-longer-novel virus, they enable the insane asylum that is the Anchorage Assembly, and in fact give aid and comfort to every tinpot wanna-be sanitary dictator at every level of bureaucracy.

As for the statement, “There’s not a single component of Dunleavy’s disaster declaration that hurts the private sector,” it is impossible to argue that his mandates did NOT hurt the tourism, hospitality and fishing industries. Not to mention setting up the racket of $250 tests at the airport, which is enriching *someone* and further restricts people’s freedom to travel freely. Deputy press secretary Turner’s suggestion that the newest order will “provide certainty … while avoiding any disruption to the state’s economy” is a whopper right up there with the Orwellian insistence that, somehow, “staying apart keeps us together.”

And how ridiculous is it that hospitals can’t function if we’re not in a state of emergency? If the regulations are that burdensome, change the regulations! We’ve had nearly 10 MONTHS to adjust, for crying out loud.

And the suggestion that we need an emergency order restricting our rights so that alcohol can be sold curbside??? REALLYY?!?!?

The fact that Dunleavy has not been as blatantly wicked as some other governors is entirely beside the point when deciding if his actions were correct or not. Dunleavy’s mandates were a direct assault on our constitutional freedoms. I don’t care if he was given these powers by a misguided and panic-stricken legislature. He took an oath to defend the constitutions of the US and Alaska, and instead of imposing mandates, he should have taken steps to defend us from attempts to squash our rights. Take a look at how Gov. Kristi Noem, a real leader, handled it!

There are very many of us who wholeheartedly agree that not only is it NOT extreme, but it is PAST TIME that Zink and Crum “step aside.” The damage they’ve done to this state’s communities in inestimable. And while Anchorage’s problems were not created by Dunleavy, if the governor can’t rouse himself to somehow defend those rights he swore to uphold, he should step aside as well.

There is one little line in this article which I think explains it all: the emergency order “keeps federal funds flowing into the state.”

Follow the money.

Dan Fagan responded to Lora with this comment at Save Anchorage:

Dan Fagan
Lora Reinbold What’s a mandate the governor issued that’s hurt the economy?

I wrote posted this mandate, which is in addition to his mandates place on those flying to Alaska.

COVID-19 Health Mandate 011: Social Distancing

Mandate 011 states “all persons in Alaska, except for those engaged in essential health care services, public government services, and essential business activities, are mandated to remain at their place of residence and practice social distancing,” effective March 28, 2020 at 5:00pm.

COVID-19 Health Mandate 012: Intrastate Travel

Mandate 012 states “all in-state travel between communities, whether resident, worker, or visitor, is prohibited unless travel is to support critical infrastructure; or for critical personal needs,” effective March 28, 2020 at 8:00am. The mandate will be reevaluated by April 11, 2020.

Mandate 012 prohibits personal travel except as necessary to meet critical personal needs or work in critical infrastructure jobs.

Governor Issues COVID-19 Health Mandates on Social Distancing, Limiting Intrastate Travel


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