Body Language: Fauci Vs Rand Paul in Congress

3:50 “He’s so aggravated he forgot about his position on this mic thing [to turn it on].”

6:45 “Now you see him with his hand up. So he’s physically showing he wants Rand Paul to stop.”

7:30 “There’s the freak out [Fauci points both index fingers at Rand, in front of his eyes as if he’s aiming two guns]. … He’s shaking, going up higher and higher, not only in his octave, but in his body.”

8:35 “He’s continuously looking towards the chairwoman. ‘Tell him to shut up; take my side. Silence him for me.’ … He’s constantly looking for that rescue.”

9:15 “Now he’s so stressed he’s got a rubber band that he’s playing with in his fingers.”

12:40 “He’s still looking at him [Rand Paul]. He’s so mad.”

13:30 “Now he’s going back to playing with the rubber band. … So he’s still stressed from Rand Paul, and he continues to play with this rubber band.”

Video also here

Body Language: Fauci Vs Rand Paul in Congress

Jul 22, 2021

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