Dr. Ryan Cole’s DC Speech: Journalists censoring “Vitamin D saves lives … GET YOUR VITAMIN D, YOUR VITAMIN D, YOUR VITAMIN D!”

Dr Ryan Cole, excerpt from his 4-minute speech at the Lincoln Memorial:

“There are people with cameras on this stand that went to journalism school and now they are shilling for Big Pharma, they are censoring. When you wake up in the morning, CNN, did you say ‘I am going to cancel and censor doctors today so people can die?’ We hold you responsible too.  Look into your hearts and say, ‘I have been wrong, I will be humble. I will do my job as a journalist and learn the truth — that people have immune systems, that Vitamin D saves lives.’ …

Natural immunity is the best, the broadest, the longest lasting. Take care of your body. Sleep; don’t eat the junk of the big food systems. GET YOUR VITAMIN D, YOUR VITAMIN D, YOUR VITAMIN D!

America, the pandemic is ending. You’re on the right side of history as I said. It is a beauty to be with people today that are awake and not woke.”

Dr Ryan Cole at the Mandate March in DC Jan 23, 2022:

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