Alaska Supremes uphold state’s forced quarantine of asymptomatic Covid-positive man — Zink influenced

Alaska Supremes uphold state’s forced quarantine of Covid-positive man in 2020

A recent Alaska Supreme Court ruling upheld the right of the state to forcibly isolate and quarantine a Bethel man who tested positive for Covid in October of 2020.

Chief Justice Daniel Winfree, Peter Maassen, Susan Carney and Dario Borghesan signed the Jan. 19 ruling. Arguing for the state was Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor and Assistant AG Laura Fox.

The incident was initially covered by several local media outlets in 2020. An article in Alaska Public Media….

Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anne Zink, then wrote an affidavit to the superior court in support of the order directing Danny to remain isolated for about a week, the Supreme Court ruling recounts. …

In framing its opinion, the superior court relied, in part, on Dr. Zink’s statements. …

Court documents relay that Danny was asymptomatic and did not see himself as a public safety threat. Furthermore, he argued that the state overstepped its lawful authority in jailing him after he declined to quarantine.

During his superior court hearing, Danny claimed that he did not even have Covid….

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