I’m posting this in case someone in Anchorage is accused of being homophobic by calling Assemblyman Constant or another “LGBTQ.” They openly call themselves this and the Q word.

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“People don’t realize how much risk there is in this job especially for a queer,” Constant said.

From: South Florida Gay News

Death Threats Lodged Against Gay Candidate As Alaska Campaign Heats Up

01 June 2022

Tears welled up in his eyes as Christopher Constant played the recording of a telephone call to his office. The gay assemblyman for the City of Anchorage….

“I wanna see you get smoked so bad and you’re going to too,” the man said in a nearly two-minute message which includes threats and multiple homophobic insults. “I’m not afraid of you homosexuals,” he said. “It disgusts me. Pervert!”

Constant has turned over the tape to the Anchorage Police Department. …

Constant came to Alaska 25 years ago from the central California coast. …After stints in the non-profit sector, he ran for the Anchorage Assembly as an out gay man with the endorsement of the Victory Fund and won. Now the governing body’s vice chairman, Constant has drawn the ire of conservatives for, among other things, ensuring COVID-19 guidelines were followed….

His latest effort to introduce a framework to remove a mayor from office has rattled the opposition even more and likely an underlying source for the threatening phone call.

“People don’t realize how much risk there is in this job especially for a queer,” Constant said.

Constant knows all too well. He’s been called a “cocksucker” during an assembly meeting, had his house targeted by angry demonstrators and now death threats.

“We’re going to fight this fight until these people are dead from old age or we have overwhelmed them with so many of us who believe in equity and equality and justice and freedom and fairness for everybody. That’s the fight and that’s why I’m in this race.”

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