Assembly vice chair cuts mic of youth member, who tries to defend Youth Advisory Commission’s authority

By Suzanne Downing -June 17, 2022

Anchorage Assembly continued today to try to take away power from the Youth Advisory Commission; the Assembly’s left-leaning majority doesn’t like the direction the commission has taken, which is often contrary to the majority’s positions.

A Friday work session got testy when Assemblyman Chris Constant muted the microphones of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and Youth Advisory Commission Assembly representative Sarah Price. Constant cut off Price, after sarcastically thanking her for repeating the points she had made at the previous full Assembly meeting, and as Price was trying to say that the leftist Assembly was acting in a partisan manner.

Constant ruled that statement out of order.

Allard, who attended by phone, said that Constant was discriminating against women by cutting off Price’s microphone, at which point Constant also cut off Allard’s microphone. Allard later said this is part of a pattern of discrimination against women by Constant.

The Assembly majority is trying to remove the youth commission from the mayor’s office and make the appointments to the commission itself, so it can return the youth commission to a left-leaning indoctrination organization.

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