The story: Soldotna permits drag queen shows for kids at outdoor stage next to park built for kids

City of Soldotna, Alaska meeting, 07/13/2022 — WATCH HERE


1:05:00 A lady quoted from this list, saying “Studies show that exposure to sexually explicit material may:”

  • Prematurely sexualize a child.
  • Incite a child to experiment with sexually explicit behaviour to make sense of it.
  • Lead a child to normalize and become desensitized to high risk behaviour.
  • Shape a child’s expectations in relationships.
  • Shape a child’s expectations of physical appearances and certain sexual acts.
  • Blur boundaries and increase a child’s risk of victimization.
  • Increase a child’s health risks (i.e. sexually transmitted infections, sexual exploitation, etc.).
  • Increase a child’s risk of problematic sexual behaviour against other children in an effort to experiment.
  • Interfere with a child’s healthy sexual development.

1:43:15 Man quotes from the Supreme Court case Miller vs. California

Burger went further than past Supreme Court decisions in attempting to define what would constitute hardcore pornography. While emphasizing that “it is not our function to propose regulatory schemes for the States” he said that “It is possible … to give a few plain examples of what a state statute could define for regulation: (a) patently offensive representations or descriptions of ultimate sexual acts, normal or perverted, actual or simulated; and (b) patently offensive representation or descriptions of masturbation, excretory functions, and lewd exhibition of the genitals.”

2:35:45 A lady whom I know from Bible school days (early ’80s)

2:43:45 Concerned mother of 5: “I find it appalling that people in this room feel that it’s their right to educate my children in a public place.”