Since I took office last year on July 1, significant progress and advancement have been made on the priorities established at the onset of my administration. When it comes to public safety, economic development, the Port of Alaska, homelessness, property taxes, the budget, COVID-19 and being accountable to the people of Anchorage, we are getting back on the right track and rebuilding our great city!

Today, I believe we are a more united, stronger, and healthier people that are working together to grow our economy and make Anchorage an amazing city to live, work, and play.

I’ll admit that over the course of the last year I made plenty of mistakes. Coming from the military and airline world, I was not a polished politician when I assumed this role. However, I believe my administration has navigated those initial growing pains and learned valuable lessons along the way.

As my team can attest to, I implore honesty, truthfulness, and integrity in all we do. It’s our job as public servants to shoot straight with you and correct our course of action when you deem necessary. If we make a mistake, we own up to it, ask your forgiveness, and seek to do better. This process is the only way we can improve as a society and as a government working on your behalf.

Turning to the successes we’ve had over the last year….

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