Riveting, important documentary — brilliantly produced, including the music!

I only found Part 1 boring, the whodunit intro, until trying again after watching parts II through VII. 

The Keepers | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix “I can testify that over 100 victims have been abused.”

The Keepers with Jean Wehner, Catholic church abuse survivor | The Nick Bryant Podcast OUTSTANDING! — ‘Jane Doe’

The Keepers with Gemma Hoskins | The Nick Bryant Podcast

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The Keepers – S01E01

The Keepers – S01E02

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[Following videos are pixelated, but still easily watchable]

25:25 Father Maskell brought in others to abuse the children: police officers, clergy, business owners, politicians

The Keepers – S01E03 – Part 01

The Keepers – S01E03 – Part 02

5:30 “..almost 100 women came forward,” telling their story.

People didn’t believe the priests could do such a thing — disbelieved the girls who did talk:
23:15 Donna: “They were ridiculed; they were not believed. I can even remember adults in my own family saying how terrible those girls were for saying that. So how am I going to come out and talk….”

23:35 Lil: “I was certainly not one to come forward at that time. I did a complete media blackout. I stopped reading newspapers. I stopped watching the television. I felt really guilty, but I felt so self-protected. I just didn’t want anybody to touch my happy little life.”

The Keepers – S01E04 – Part 01

26:00 Why Jane Doe didn’t talk until many years later: “I never wanted to look at what I did.” And the abusers’ mind-control to not say anything.

The Keepers – S01E04 – Part 02

The Keepers – S01E05 – Part 01

The Keepers – S01E05 – Part 02

The Keepers – S01E06 – Part 01

The Keepers – S01E06 – Part 02

The Keepers – S01E07 – Part 01


The Keepers – S01E07 – Part 02