Obama’s “Change” is code for the Communist NWO. This is what is meant by “Progressive.” Leftists who want to “change the world” are not told it is going to be much worse. They are destroying the society that gave them freedom and prosperity; they are “change agents” for poverty and dictatorship.

From: Henry Makow

Americans can’t expect to avoid destruction as long as they continue to embrace Communism in all its myriad disguises.

Symptomatic of the problem is a new four hr. 17 min biopic of Soviet Comintern agent and terrorist Che Guevara. Rather than make movies about genuine American heroes, Hollywood is celebrating people dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization.

Movie critic Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle cannot understand why Director Steven Soderbergh made the movie:

“If Soderbergh made as idol-worshiping an epic about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln – actual heroes with tangible, positive legacies – people would gag at the naive treatment.. Instead of making the case for Guevara as a hero, Soderbergh just assumes we all agree. The movie is the communist guerrilla version of the Stations of the Cross, in which we see Guevara at various stages, enduring various hardships. The invitation is not to think but to admire, and maybe to worship.”

This is not the first time Hollywood has presented this ruthless killer as a saint.  In 1969, Omar Sharif played “the most controversial rebel of our time” with Jack Palance as Castro. Then, there was “The Motorcycle Diaries” in 2004 and at least a half-dozen made-for-TV films.

Communists always portray their demented drive for world domination in terms of serving the people. Surprisingly, many suckers swallow this bait. But, why do these dupes include the US corporate media establishment?


The US mass media (and most corporations) are controlled by the central banking cartel, i.e. the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc. These are the same people who sponsored Communism.

The guiding principle behind world events is their plan to translate their monopoly over government credit into a world monopoly of power, business, culture and religion.

These bankers use a Hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both Capitalism and Communism as thesis and antithesis.  Their aim is a synthesis, combining the political and cultural tyranny of Communism with the appearance of Capitalist free markets. China or even Cuba may be the end model for the New World Order.

In 1953, Ford Foundation President, H. Rowan Gaither told Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd that his instructions were to use “our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

This is why the Communist Party term “political correctness” has become part of our lexicon.  Why the elite media and foundations promote feminism, homosexuality, pornography and promiscuity to destabilize society. Why they sponsor “diversity” to undermine American identity. Why the education system is devoted to Leftist indoctrination; and conservatives have been driven out. Why the culture industries are dedicated to sex, violence, alienation, deviance and the occult. We’ll never know what we have missed in terms of cultural works that boost our sense of who we are and where we should be going.

Eustace Mullins relates this story: Early in his career, a NY publisher (who are all banker controlled) told his agent that it’s too bad Mullins had decided to go against them. Look at the success they arranged for such “high school” talents as Hemingway, Steinbeck and Faulkner. Unfortunately, Mullins would be consigned to the wilderness.

Rupert Murdoch, whose media operations are subsidized by the Rothschilds, said last week, “We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.”

Such anecdotes confirm that we are being dispossessed and prepared for servitude. Our culture, most of our assumptions about the world, are controlled by the central bankers.


Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba only because of the covert help of New World orderlies in the US State Dept. and mass media. They cut off arm sales to Batista while at the same time allowing Castro to be supplied, partly by Russian submarines. This told the Cuban military which way the wind was blowing and they quietly defected.

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