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Gerald Celente: “The MEDIA is really basically made up of CON MEN and CLOWNS” / Jim Cramer / “People don’t have the DIGNITY or respect TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES” / “By this time NEXT YEAR, everybody will know”

Gerald Celente with Jason Bermas 2009-03-13
Transcribed by Jeff Fenske.

Gerald forecasts about timing in parts 4 & 5


“People are afraid to look at what’s really happening.”

45% of the global wealth evaporated last year. What are they waiting for, 100%? … This thing is collapsing so fast, and the media is really basically made up of con men and clowns. To be quoting these guys over and over, Colbert. ‘Did you hear what John Stuart said?’ ‘Did you hear what Hannity said?’ How about what Laural and Hardy or Abbott and Costellos said?”


“People are looking to comics and cons.” “CNBC keeps the lies and the fiction flowing.” “The people are being deceived.”


“People aren’t awake anywhere. There are very few people that want to face up to what’s going on. This has been going on for probably generation after generation. People are afraid to think for themselves. They want to believe that the government people are smarter than they are. And they don’t want to face the fact that the ship of state is sinking.”

“They eat all organic, and it’s: ‘let the rest of us eat Frankenfoods.’ … They could care less what we eat, what we have or what we don’t have as long as they have what they want.”


“People don’t have the dignity or respect to think for themselves.”

They’re robbing us blind in broad daylight. They’re stealing our money to give it to the ‘too big to fails.’ … What am I: ‘too small to save?'”


“There’s not enough money being printed—it’s impossible to bail out the commercial sector. … By this time next year, everybody will know it.”


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  1. Paul Clark

    Long time follower of Gerald Celente and Ron Paul. Why do we not have the wisdom of the brightest minds in the Universe working on our problems? Instead, we have the professional politicians what never ran anything other than our country into the ground.

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