Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Coast to Coast AM, 7/14/09

Gerald Celente (Trends Research Institute):

“The other issue that is overriding…: people ripping off people at every level.

The nation has lost its morality. And speaking for myself and my moral code, we are fighting a war in Iraq that has been proven to be fought over false—whether or not they knew it is another issue that should be found out, in my belief. But there were no weapons of mass destruction; there were no ties to Al-Qaeda.

And in my belief, in living in this type of morality at so many different levels, from Wall Street to Washington to main street to the people that are ripping off the system, we cannot move forward as a nation and succeed unless we bring our morality to the level it should be at.”




Gerald Celente from: Human Events:

Morality is missing from our American public consciousness.

Start with Wall Street. It’s run by a criminal gang. The only question is ‘how much can you make, how much can you steal?’

At the bottom, the welfare recipient says ‘how much can I take?’ And the government is in on the take.”