Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs… “and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”

Compare these congressmen to:

Ron Paul a modern day Joseph? Flees sexual immorality!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I’ve worked with John DeCamp on this case in Nebraska in the late ’80s, early ’90s, where they were flying children out of Omaha, Nebraska. They were actually driving them to Sioux City, Iowa, 180 miles away, putting them in private jets, flying them to Washington D.C. for sex orgies with congressmen and senators.

Then Rusty Nelson, the official photographer, who I interviewed, by the way — I have him on tapewould take pictures, and then they’d blackmail the congressmen and senators and tell them how to vote. And that’s what’s happening today.

And we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up. And these other people, many of them have been blackmailed through children and through sex and through drugs, and what have you. And of course, they’re only interested in being reelected.”

We supplied Osama bin Laden ‘Tim Osman’ surface-to-air missiles which they used to shoot down Russian helicopters, which won the war for them.

“We’re in a spiritual war all the way.”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQS5NXKaxeY]Ted Gunderson Reveals Gov. Corruption & It’s Ties to “Tim Osman” on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

Alex also talks with Ted Gunderson, a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who believes the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed not by a truck bomb, but by a highly classified government pineapple-sized “barometric bomb” that was developed by Hercules Manufacturing in Silicon Valley, California, under a government contract. Gunderson was honored as Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer in America by the AFL-CIO Metal Trade Counsel Los Angeles, CA in 1977.






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