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(vid) Dennis Kucinich Endorses Tulsi Gabbard & Anti-War Fight

Tulsi talks IRAN with Stephen Kinzer & Dennis Kucinich – “It’s sad that we are in a place where standing for peace requires courage”

WONDERFUL to see Dennis Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard standing together to stop these wars! And Stephen Kinzer adds important real-history content too.

33:15 “It’s sad that we are in a place where standing for peace requires courage.” – Tulsi Gabbard

(vid) Rudkowski w/ Dennis Kucinich – America's Addiction To War – Democrat leaders ousted Dennis

(40 seconds) Dennis Kucinich: ‘Deep State’ Trying To ‘Destroy Trump Presidency’

Dennis allowed to talk for only 40 seconds. Excellent though!

Dennis Kucinich: ‘Deep State’ Trying To ‘Destroy The Trump Presidency’

(video) Kucinich: No evidence Assad was behind chemical attacks — “Why are we helping ISIS?!!”

Fox News guy in full attack mode!

– –

“Why are we helping ISIS?!!”

Kucinich: No evidence Assad was behind chemical attacks

Kucinich Pins Flynn Leak on Intel Community

WoW! Great interview. Also, really interesting point at minute-3.
Trump is getting jacked by the Deep State, as was a peace agreement in Syria.
Dennis has been a solid anti-war, which I greatly appreciate  !!!


Iraq War Facts: Over 1,000,000 INNOCENT Iraqis PERISHED, $TRILLIONS in DAMAGE occurred at a cost of $5 TRILLION

From: Huffington Post

Dennis Kucinich

8 Reasons Why Congress Should Vote No on Training and Funding Syrian Rebels
Posted: 09/17/2014

Today Congress will vote on the McKeon Amendment, a piece of legislation most Americans haven’t heard of. But the consequences of the vote today are grave: funding Syrian “rebels” will precipitate a new and wider war in the Middle East. Here are eight reasons why Congress should vote NO on the McKeon Amendment:

1. It is a waste of money.

We’d be on the hook for a projected $21 billion price tag over three years. The Pentagon plans to train 5,000 rebels in the next year, which at $1 million for each soldier could cost up to $15 billion dollars over the three-year war. The nearly 2,000 U.S. troops in Iraq will cost $6 billion over three years.

The last Iraq War added at least $5 trillion to the long-term deficit.

2. There are no “moderates”

Historian Alastair Crooke, writing about the connection between Saudi Arabia and ISIS, recently described “moderate” insurgents in Syria as being “rarer than a mythical unicorn.” “Moderates” have a non-aggression pact with ISIS. […]

4. Those receiving U.S. money will turn on us.

Since the U.S. began its war on Iraq in March of 2003, over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqis (4 percent of the population) have perished and trillions of dollars in damage has occurred. Iraqis were stripped of their homes, their jobs, their social networks, humiliated beyond words, their country ruined. This is why America cannot expect to find any friends in Iraq. […]

8. Congress has it backwards.

Congress should not vote to fund a war it has not declared. The Congress must first vote for war before it votes to provide money for a war.

Entire Article Here
EVANGELICALS’ LEGACY: Biggest WARMONGERS! – 2005-6 Gallup Poll: Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War — Least supportive are non-Christians and people with no religion

Kucinich Rally to Stop NSA Syping

[youtube=]Kucinich Rally to Stop NSA Syping: Special Report


Kucinich: Striking Syria Will Make U.S. Military ‘Al-Qaeda’s Air Force’ — “The verdict is in before the facts have been gathered. What does that tell you?”

From: National Review

Kucinich: Striking Syria Will Make U.S. Military ‘Al-Qaeda’s Air Force’

Kucinich, who voted against the Iraq War and campaigned for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004 and 2008, lambasted the idea that Obama could act without congressional authorization, which he said would be a violation of the Constitution. He also warned that intervening in Syria would entangle the United States in another war in the Middle East and encourage Islamists who are fighting the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad.

“So what, we’re about to become al-Qaeda’s air force now?” Kucinich sarcastically asked The Hill. …

“The verdict is in before the facts have been gathered,” Kucinich said. “What does that tell you?” 

Entire Article Here

[video] Dennis Kucinich: US an 'Orwellian State', Drones, GMOs, Holding Bush Accountable — Abby Martin talks to the legendary US Congressman who kept his integrity!

Partial transcript here

[youtube=]Dennis Kucinich: US an ‘Orwellian State’, Drones, GMOs, Holding Bush Accountable


Published on Mar 21, 2013

Abby Martin talks to US Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, about the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war and other issues that set him aside from the average establishment politician.
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[video] Congressman Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012

Ron Paul ROCKS!
Great intro by Dennis Kucinich too! I respect them both!
On Facebook, Edward Griffin says:

Ron Paul nails it! Excellent video.

Ron Paul educates Congress about the foolishness of war in the Middle East and the hypocrisy of the claim that it is for foreigners’ civil liberties when Americans are subjected to assassination, indefinite detention, warrantless wiretaps and more here at home.

* * *

[youtube=]Congressman Ron Paul’s Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012

Published on Aug 1, 2012 by 

Congressman Ron Paul’s floor speech against Iran Sanctions bill on August 1, 2012.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: The MEDIA COVERAGE on IRAN is MIRRORING the coverage in the lead-up to the IRAQ war – grand claims about a smoking gun that doesn't exist


Iran : Fact Checking the Media

By Dennis Kucinich

February 03, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — During an interview last month on CBS’ Face the Nation, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta set the record straight on Iran: “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.” But if you read recent news reports lately, you’d think otherwise.


The media coverage on Iran is mirroring the coverage in the lead-up to the Iraq war: grand claims about a smoking gun that doesn’t exist. For example, The New York Times incorrectly reported last month that the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran concluded that their nuclear program had a military objective. The paper’s public editor, Arthur Brisbane, was forced to acknowledge their mistake and wrote: “Some readers, mindful of the faulty intelligence and reporting about Saddam Hussein’s weapons program, are watching the Iran nuclear coverage very closely.” Other media outlets such as National Public Radio, PBS and The Washington Post have been challenged on their coverage too.

A recent publication from the Center for Strategic and International Studies titled “The IAEA’s Iran Report and Misplaced Paranoia,” noted that “With few exceptions, these revelations are not exactly new. More importantly, neither is the thrust of the report: that Iran is developing some capabilities that can only be understood as preliminaries to the development of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, early coverage of the report’s release gives the opposite impression.”

Many have recognized that the media failed to do its job in the lead-up to the Iraq war. The potential consequences of treading on that same path with Iran are grave. The U.S. has thus far spent over $1.2 trillion of borrowed money on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military action against Iran would be disastrous for the region and for U.S. moral standing. A serious diplomatic track based on mutual trust and respect is the only way to achieve increased transparency.

Defense Secretary Panetta admits Iran NOT developing nukes: “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.” — And they call Ron Paul’s foreign policy ‘insane’ while they pressure Iran with sanctions that could cut off all middle east oil!

[3-minute video] Ron Paul vs. A Biased, Clueless MSM

[youtube=]Ron Paul vs. A Biased, Clueless MSM

Uploaded by on Dec 21, 2011

NY’s PIX 11 News Commentary
Aired: December 21, 2011

You’re told by the MSM who’s up and who’s down. What the h— do they know about how you feel?

[video] Dennis Kucinich on Al-Qaeda Flag Over Libya Courthouse — “What is going on in America? On the one hand, we have soldiers dying in Afghanistan fighting Al Qaeda. On the other hand, we just helped a group of people take over Libya and the Al Qaeda flag is flying over their capital city headquarters.”

[youtube=]US Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Al-Qaeda flag over Benghazi Courthouse 02-10-2011

Uploaded by on Nov 6, 2011

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Sourced from ‘DJKucinich’ at


“Hi, Congressman Dennis Kucinich here. I just got off the phone with a very well-known talk show host from Cleveland, Mike Trivisonno, who told me about calls that he is getting from people who are concerned that there is an Al Qaeda flag flying over the courthouse in Benghazi in Libya. It was put there by the same group that we helped to oust the Gaddafi regime.

What is going on in America? On the one hand, we have soldiers dying in Afghanistan fighting Al Qaeda. On the other hand, we just helped a group of people take over Libya and the Al Qaeda flag is flying over their capital city headquarters.

What are we doing? It is time for America to get its story and its priorities straight about what we stand for as a nation. Its time to get out of all these wars and all of these conflicts where we think we can play both sides against the middle and it usually ends up with U.S. soldiers getting killed.

Its time to bring our troops home and take care of things here at home. As we approach Veteran’s Day 2011, we should really honor those who serve by having a foreign policy that is straight. That speaks directly to the concerns of the American people. That is mindful of the fact that we can’t tell the whole world what to do and we have an obligation to get our own house in order here at home and put people back to work.”

Kucinich: Obama’s job czar, G.E.’s CEO expert at creating foreign jobs

Watch Video/Read Article Here

Kucinich: Obama’s job czar expert at creating foreign jobs

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) said Tuesday that it’s time for the head of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to resign or be fired because he’s sending jobs to China.

In a press release last week, Kucinich noted that in his role as the CEO of General Electric, Obama job czar Jeffrey Immelt was sending advanced technology and U.S. jobs to China.

“Jeffrey Immelt has a conflict of interest,” the Ohio congressman said. “He cannot ethically advise the President on how to create American jobs and promote American competiveness, while at the same time leading a company that is exporting American technology and, along with it, American jobs.”

10 Congressmen, Including Paul, Sue Obama Over Constitutionality Of Lybian War; Kucinich: Obama can tell it to a judge!

CNN reporter attacks Kucinich, as he defends the Constitution and America[youtube=]Dennis Kucinich: Obama Can Tell It To A Judge!

Uploaded by on Jun 15, 2011

June 15, 2011 CNN

Sadly, Rand Paul still considers Afghanistan war correct; otherwise good[youtube=]Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN

Uploaded by on Jun 15, 2011

Airing Date June.15, 2011

Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN

[video] June 03, 2011 C-SPAN House discussion of Kucinich resolution to withdrawal Libyan troops

Watch Here

Kucinich Says Billions Missing Establishment Lying Us Into War Again!

“We’re losing our nation to lies about the necessity of war!”

– Dennis Kucinich

A Congressman who cares

[youtube=]Dennis Kucinich – End the Wars. Bring our Troops Home.

Uploaded by on Jun 28, 2010

Millions of Americans are out of work, losing their homes, their savings, their pensions, their retirement security.

We are losing our Nation to Lies about the Necessity of Wars.

Bring our Troops home. End the war. Secure our economy.

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RON PAUL & DENNIS KUCINICH ON PRESIDENTIAL WAR POWERS | LAWSUIT REVEALES: ‘Fed’ gave out $3.3 Trillion across the globe in secret!



Uploaded by on Apr 1, 2011

April 01, 2011 News Corp

Kucinich: Obama could be impeached for attacking Libya

From: Raw Story

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) says President Barack Obama did not have the constitutional authority to order U.S. forces to participate in an attack on Libya.

In a conference call with other liberal lawmakers Saturday, Kucinich asked why the U.S. missile strikes were not impeachable offenses, according to two Democratic lawmakers who spoke to Politico. …

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Donna Edwards (D-MD), Mike Capuano (D-MA), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Maxine Waters (D-CA), Rob Andrews (D-NJ), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions” during the conference call, a source told Politico.

Kucinich also released a statement on his website Friday questioning the constitutionality of the president’s actions. …

Congress should be called back into session immediately to decide whether or not to authorize the United States’ participation in a military strike. If it does not, the action of the President is contrary to U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution clearly states that the United States Congress has the power to declare war. The President does not. That was the Founders’ intent,” the Ohio congressman added.

The last thing we need is to be embroiled in yet another intervention in another Muslim country. The American people have had enough. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq. Then bombs began to fall in Pakistan, then Yemen, and soon it seems bombs could be falling in Libya. Our nation simply cannot afford another war, economically, diplomatically or spiritually,” Kucinich concluded.

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader also said the president was committing “war crimes” in the attack against Libya.

“Why don’t we say what’s on the minds of many legal experts; that the Obama administration is committing war crimes and if Bush should have been impeached, Obama should be impeached,” Nader told Democracy Now! Thursday.

Entire Article Here

The News from Prison Planet: Kucinich challenges tea party to stand up for civil liberties; Man says ex-CIA agent Posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing; Derivatives: The Real Reason Bernanke Funnels Trillions…; Chicago’s high-tech cameras spark privacy fears; etc. …


Totally Disgusting!! FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

From: Raw Story

‘Extra labeling only confuses the consumer,’ biotech spokesman says

That the Food and Drug Administration is opposed to labeling foods that are genetically modified is no surprise anymore, but a report in the Washington Post indicates the FDA won’t even allow food producers to label their foods as being free of genetic modification.

In reporting that the FDA will likely not require the labeling of genetically modified salmon if it approves the food product for consumption, the Post‘s Lyndsey Layton notes that the federal agency “won’t let conventional food makers trumpet the fact that their products don’t contain genetically modified ingredients.”

The agency warned the dairy industry in 1994 that it could not use “Hormone Free” labeling on milk from cows that are not given engineered hormones, because all milk contains some hormones.

It has sent a flurry of enforcement letters to food makers, including B&G Foods, which was told it could not use the phrase “GMO-free” on its Polaner All Fruit strawberry spread label because GMO refers to genetically modified organisms and strawberries are produce, not organisms.

It told the maker of Spectrum Canola Oil that it could not use a label that included a red circle with a line through it and the words “GMO,” saying the symbol suggested that there was something wrong with genetically engineered food.

“This to me raises questions about whose interest the FDA is protecting,” House Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) told the Post. Kucinich has repeatedly introduced bills in the House that would require the labeling of genetically modified foods. …

“The public wants to know and the public has a right to know,” New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle told the Post. “I think the agency has discretion, but it’s under enormous political pressure to approve [the salmon] without labeling.”

Entire Article Here

Kucinich criticizes ‘privatization of war’ after Obama’s speech. “We need to dispense with the fiction…”

From: Raw Story

A leading congressional opponent of the Iraq war welcomed the formal end of US combat operations on Tuesday but warned of the increased reliance on private mercenaries.

“The President is rightly celebrating that less American troops are in harm’s way,” Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) said Tuesday night. “I join the President in that celebration.”

“We need to dispense with the fiction, though, that this announcement in any way diminishes our financial or resource commitment to Iraq,” he continued.

Fifty thousand ‘non-combat’ troops will remain, and that number does not include the State Department’s plan to double the amount of mercenaries through next year–whose only loyalty is to the highest bidder–and fortify numerous ‘enduring presence posts’ throughout the country. This fortification will include the recent State Department request for Black Hawk helicopters, mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles, and advanced surveillance systems.

Such a substantial reliance on mercenaries amounts to a privatization of war.”

Read Entire Article Here

Orwell in charge? Kucinich compares Iraq ‘exit’ to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’

“This is not the end of the war; this is simply a new stage in the campaign to lull the American people into accepting an open-ended presence in Iraq.”

From: Raw Story

mission accomplished Orwell in charge? Kucinich compares Iraq exit to Bushs Mission Accomplished

“Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today challenged the notion that removing ‘combat brigades’ but leaving 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq constitutes an end to combat operations, let alone an end to the war,” a press release sent to RAW STORY on Thursday stated.

The press release continues:

“Who is in charge of our operations in Iraq , now? George Orwell? A war based on lies continues to be a war based on lies. Today, we have a war that is not a war, with combat troops who are not combat troops. In 2003, President Bush said ‘ Mission Accomplished ‘ . In 2010, the White House says combat operations are over in Iraq , but will leave 50,000 troops, many of whom will inevitably be involved in combat-related activities.

“Just seven days ago, General Babaker Shawkat Zebari, the commander of Iraq ’s military, said that Iraq ’s security forces will not be trained and ready to take over security for another 10 years. One story is being told to the military on the ground in Iraq and another story is being told to their families back home.

“You can’t be in and out at the same time.

“This is not the end of the war; this is simply a new stage in the campaign to lull the American people into accepting an open-ended presence in Iraq . This is not an honest accounting to the American people and it diminishes the role of the troops who will put their lives on the line. This is not fair to the troops, their families or the American people.

“The Administration and the Pentagon would be wise to level with the American people about our long-term commitment to Iraq .

“The cost of the wars has been estimated to be around $1 million per soldier per year. Each year the troop levels stay at 50,000 means another $50 billion is wasted. I object to spending billions of dollars to maintain a charade in Iraq while our own economy is failing and over 15 million Americans are out of work. I object to keeping any level troops in Iraq to maintain a war based on lies. It is time that Congress sees through the manipulation and finally acts to truly end the war by stopping its funding,” said Kucinich.

Entire Article Here

Kucinich: “Our troops are dying in Afghanistan, and now it turns out we may be funding their killers”

From: Raw Story

Kucinich: ‘We may be funding our own killers in Afghanistan’

Click for New York Times story: US-backed ‘bribes’ in Afghanistan may be funding Taliban

On June 7, the day Afghanistan became America’s longest-ever war, the New York Times reported on an ongoing investigation poised to prove that private security companies “are using American money to bribe the Taliban” to fuel combat and thus enhance demand for their services. The news follows a “series of events last month that suggested all-out collusion with the insurgents,” the Times said.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a leading opponent of the war, wondered, “Is the U.S. paying for attacks on U.S. troops?”

“Our troops are dying in Afghanistan, and now it turns out we may be funding their killers,” Kucinich said in a statement e-mailed to Raw Story, renewing his longstanding call for a pullout. “Our continued presence in Afghanistan is detrimental to our security.”

“The American people are paying to prop up a corrupt government that may be using our money to pay private companies to drum up business by paying the insurgents to attack our troops,” he said.

Kucinich’s motion in March to implement a swift withdrawal of US troops from the region failed by a margin of 365-65 in the House.

“In the coming weeks, Congress is expected to be asked to give another $33 billion for war efforts… I will be bringing this report to the personal attention of individual Members of Congress prior to the vote on any additional war funding,” the Ohio congressman said.

Entire Article Here

The Genetic Conspiracy: Monsanto Covers Up the Dangers of Their GM Foods. They bought off Ashcroft. Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for Monsanto.

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“They died because they ate GM soy.”

– Argentine farmer, speaking about his cows

“This failed cooking test…
is a direct connection to the increased number of allergies.

Monsant’s conclusion that genetically modified soy is safe
is wrong, probably even criminal.”

– Japanese scientist

[youtube=]The Genetic Conspiracy (1/3) – about Monsanto

How safe is the so-called “Green Genetic Engineering” really? Monsanto, the world’s largest genetic engineering corporation, insists it is safe. Numerous studies claim genetically modified plants can cause allergies and cancers. However, commercial and political interests are determined to make genetic engineering the norm.

Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs… “and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”

Compare these congressmen to:

Ron Paul a modern day Joseph? Flees sexual immorality!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I’ve worked with John DeCamp on this case in Nebraska in the late ’80s, early ’90s, where they were flying children out of Omaha, Nebraska. They were actually driving them to Sioux City, Iowa, 180 miles away, putting them in private jets, flying them to Washington D.C. for sex orgies with congressmen and senators.

Then Rusty Nelson, the official photographer, who I interviewed, by the way — I have him on tapewould take pictures, and then they’d blackmail the congressmen and senators and tell them how to vote. And that’s what’s happening today.

And we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up. And these other people, many of them have been blackmailed through children and through sex and through drugs, and what have you. And of course, they’re only interested in being reelected.”

We supplied Osama bin Laden ‘Tim Osman’ surface-to-air missiles which they used to shoot down Russian helicopters, which won the war for them.

“We’re in a spiritual war all the way.”

[youtube=]Ted Gunderson Reveals Gov. Corruption & It’s Ties to “Tim Osman” on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

Alex also talks with Ted Gunderson, a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who believes the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed not by a truck bomb, but by a highly classified government pineapple-sized “barometric bomb” that was developed by Hercules Manufacturing in Silicon Valley, California, under a government contract. Gunderson was honored as Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer in America by the AFL-CIO Metal Trade Counsel Los Angeles, CA in 1977.

Kucinich reverses stance on Obama’s health care after ride on Air Force 1. Dennis states how he was cured by alternative health care, but only Big Pharma and Big Insurance is funded by this bill that he still doesn’t like…

[youtube=]Kucinich Announces He’ll Vote for Health Care Legislation

CSPAN — March 17, 2010 — On C-SPAN 3/17/10, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) announces his intent to vote for the health care legislation. Rep. Kucinich had previously voted NO on the legislation. See the complete press conference via the C-SPAN Video Library:…


Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry. “You cannot drug your body into good health.” “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” “They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”

Jack Blood: Why Obama’s health care plan is a reverse-freedom police state database

From: Jack Blood Audio Archives

03/17/2010 [click on the date to listen – ed.]Wednesday – First Hour: Hour One: Its St Paddy’s day and Jack has his Green on! O’Bomba says he’s Irish? Kucinich CAVES on Obomba Care – Will vote YES – Quid Pro Quo? DHS Rejects Texas Request To Activate 1,000 National Guard Troops For The Border Spillover – Border towns on edge over Mexican violence More on NO WORK LISTS: First we need Biometric ID cards, now we have to have good “Credit” 3:30 Jim Gilcrest from

Hour Two: “Hank” Albarelli author of the new Dynamite Expose’ of CIA / Govt MKULTRA / ARTICHOKE experiments, Ft Detrick germ warfare experiments, and wholesale murder and assassinations of US citizens… HP Albarelli joins us. His book “A Terrible Mistake – The murder of Frank Olson, and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments” logs in at over 800 pages and is a MUST read! This interview might completely BLOW YOUR MIND!


Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry. “You cannot drug your body into good health.” “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” “They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”

Ron Paul Supports Kucinich’s Afghanistan Resolution to bring the troops home from Afghanistan

[youtube=]Five Minute Speech in Support of Kucinich’s Afghanistan Resolution

Congressman Ron Paul speaks on the floor of the House in support of H Con Res 248 to bring the troops home from Afghanistan

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